Successful, fulfilling relationships do not "just happen" with hope or
good intentions . . .

Soulful relating with Paul and Layne will insure you have the relationships you truly desire, filled with love, trust and 
soulful connection when you learn the special knowledge  
and specific skills you have been looking for!

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​Successful, lasting relationships that are about soulful relating require authentic, heart centered communication, skills for enlightened conflict resolution tools, the ability to take responsibility for your own feelings and reactions and a commitment to use your relationships for your personal and mutual well-being and spiritual evolution.

Barbara Marx HubbaRD - soulful relating

"Paul & Layne can take you and your relationships to the next level and beyond. They are profound teachers of love and wisdom whose insightful distinctions reveal truly evolutionary ways of relating."

Debbie Ford - Spiritual Teacher, author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

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soulful relating

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soulful relating

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soulful relating

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