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Leaders Praise Paul and Layne’s Work


The Einsteins of Emotional Recovery

 “Layne and Paul Cutright are the Einsteins in the process and practice of conscious evolution and emotional recovery. They chart a precise course to curing within ourselves the ‘common upset,’ which in fact ruins our lives. They guide us skillfully in releasing any possible type of upset and moving on with our journey to realize our full potential selves.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard - Renowned Futurist, Author of Conscious Evolution and Emergence, Founder of the Center for Conscious Evolution



Evolutionary Ways of Relating

“No matter where you are in your relationships, Paul and Layne can take you to the next level and beyond. They are profound teachers of love and wisdom whose insightful distinctions reveal evolutionary ways of relating.”

Debbie Ford – Author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and Spiritual Divorce



Transform Conflict

 “Practical, useful and compelling, Layne and Paul’s book, You’re Never Upset for the Reason You Think, will show you a clear and simple method to transform conflict into a gift of conscious loving.”

Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks - Co-Authors of Conscious Loving and Lasting Love