Is It Time for Tribal Enlightenment?

Is It Time for Tribal Enlightenment?

by Layne Cutright​


I think the question we all need to live with is this: 

Now that many of us know how to get more deeply and authentically connected and we have a shared sense of our humanity, what can we do about the sense of promise we feel within it?

How can we make harmony and emotional intelligence more real in the world? Can we harness this palpable embryonic power we feel when we are deeply connected, in practical ways? Can we take it to another level, beyond just the “feeling” to empowered action in our everyday lives in our communities? We call this kind of living Tribal Enlightenment. And we believe it will take us all beyond “knowing about” spiritual realization to living our spiritual realization in concert with others.

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Our Growing Edge as Human Beings

Our Growing Edge as Human Beings

by Paul & Layne Cutright​

We have been deeply steeped in a conversation of personal evolution for close to forty years. The idea, the practices, the vison of it has been our “true north” in all facets of our life. Being evolutionary relationship educators defines one of the biggest parts of us, as individuals and a couple.

For us, the “tipping point” of humanity’s evolution is our collective capacity to feel our connection to the greater whole. It is one thing to embrace this conceptually, it is quite another to hold the aliveness of it in our hearts in our everyday relating with others. Our relationships with life and other people reveal where we truly are in our personal and mutual development. Where we invest our time, our money, our caring and our intellectual bandwidth says a lot about who we want to become.

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Destiny’s Hand

Destiny's Hand

by Layne Cutright​

Our eyes met suddenly as we felt like a tractor beam was pulling us forward into some unknown pulsing energy of sacred love. Destiny's hand installed a homing beacon in our chests. It had an ancient familiar feeling, but it only lasted a couple of minutes. We barely knew one another and neither of us had ever felt anything like it, yet it felt like a sacred love. It certainly got our attention and it forever changed the trajectory of our lives. From then on all our choices were determined by the new homing beacon we felt in our chests.

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News Update – Oct. 2014


We are starting to do live events in our new hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. Our first event is called Deep Soulful Relating: The Way of Co-Creative Love. We will engage in an exploratory conversation about "tribal enlightenment" and the possibility that Asheville is for something like this.

We're excited and eager to begin a new era in our professional life. Some of you have been following us since our early community days in Hawaii with the Empyrean Community in 1978 and then again in San Diego with Heart to Heart for twenty years, starting in the 80’s.

​In 1999, we took our teachings to the Internet and developed a global online community that was all virtual. Teleseminars, phone coaching, multimedia educational programs, all focused on creating a beautiful life grounded in enlightened partnerships.

​Now, we both feel we are at the beginning a new era, something new and a bit mysterious is emerging through us. We can hardly wait to see what it might be!

The Trouble with Authenticity

Has anyone ever asked you, “How are you doing?”, and it’s a day when you’re not at your best?
You don’t want to be a downer, nor do you want to discuss it. So, you lie and say “I’m great!” 

All of us have experience with this, our culture has trained us how to pretend and save face. If this automated response was costing you more than you have ever thought possible, would you want to know about it?

Soulful relationshipsfractal_ammonite2 are grounded in trust. When you connect with others in a soulful way there is no room for pretense. As our capacity for soulful connection deepens, so does our capacity to feel others feelings. If people are deceiving themselves or others it becomes a glaring incongruity. And old conditioned ways of looking the other way until it has passed simply don’t cut it anymore. We can’t fool people the way we used to, they can see right through a smiling façade. Continue reading

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