The Power of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving!

Below is a wonderful graphic poster from Mindvalley Academy, one of our favorite websites.  It explains from a number of viewpoints, including scientific, why gratitude is such a powerful and important attitude to feel and express.

12 Steps to Thrive

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Take Time to Feed Your Soul

What Does Your Soul Want?

The busy-ness, distractions and unceasing time demands of our stressful, high tech lives takes a toll. Do you sometimes find it challenging to simply stop and get away from all of that?

Given the focus on celebration with family, friends and loved ones the ordinary stresses of life become multiplied.

It's absolutely essential to having a life well-lived to create the time to renew, recharge and reconnect with what is truly important to you. And it has to be intentionally created or it will never happen.

What if connecting with your own Soul, your Higher Self, your own Divine Nature, away from all the stress that normally goes with the holidays became a priority? A gift to yourself? How could you do that? How does it feel just thinking about it?

How might it help you if you did? Does that sound attractive? Difficult? Impossible? What does your Soul truly value? What does it want? How can you feed your Soul?

These are important questions to contemplate. There are no quick answers. It takes quiet time away from schedules, demands and perceived responsibilities, many of which are self-imposed.

What are your  thoughts about this?

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Fall Color in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Fall Color in the
Blue Ridge Mountains

The fall color seems to be espcially vibrant this year and we don't want to pass up a chance to share it with you! We took a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway recently when the colors were at their peak. We both felt like our 'beauty receptors' were in overload!

If you don't know, we live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Also known as the Smokey Mountains, the Smokey Mountain National Park is the most visited national park in the country, especially in the fall.

The top photo was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a beautiful two lane highway that is over 400 miles long. It begins in the Shendoah Valley in Virginia and ends in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.​

The top photograph was taken on the parkway, the golden leaves photo was made across the street from our house and the water reflection was made in one of our favorite places to hike and spend time in nature, the Laurel River​.

We hope you enjoy this little peek into where we live!​ 

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Closing the Spiritual Gap in Your Relationships

Closing the Spiritual Gap
in Your Relationships

If you’re a spiritual person, or someone who has done any kind of self-improvement or consciousness work, you’ve no doubt noticed there can be quite a gap between your highest spiritual ideals and the everyday world of work, laundry, and relationships. Let’s look at what makes up that ‘gap’ and what it takes to close it. The aim, after all, is to integrate our highest ideals into normal, everyday life.

It seems like it can be much easier to achieve and maintain spiritual attunement when we’re meditating in the forest or living in seclusion. But that’s not where we live. Living as an awakening spiritual being while fully engaging in deep, intimate relationship is the ultimate test of enlightenment. In the worldly swirl of love and life, our lofty spiritual ideas seem to evaporate into thin air, POOF! . . . just like that!

Do You Know Your Love Codes? – Part 2

Do You Know Your Love Codes?
Part Two

A Community Experiment Thrives

From the start of our personal relationship, we were on a quest to reveal any barriers to a grounded, illuminating, Divine Love. In 1978 we brought this quest to our students. Over time, we observed a particular pattern of choices and predictable emotions that consistently undermine people’s ability to build trust and closeness.

It seems counter intuitive but once explained, people are stunned to realize they suffer from this pattern in their relationships. We call it The Law of Giving. It states: your reasons for giving determine the emotional future of your important relationships. The dark side of giving is sacrifice. On the bright side is the spirit of soulful generosity.

One of the ways of knowing whether the Law of Giving is working for or against you is by answering these questions:

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