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These are proven strategies and tools that are guaranteed to transform your most important relationships into an oasis of peace, love and understanding.

Do you like to read, listen to audios or watch videos? We have them all here to make learning about relationships easy, fun and ultimately useful.

You'll find much more than mere academic theory here. We teach and write about practical distinctions and tools that work in the real, everyday world of relationships. This is original material that comes from our own experience in creating our relationship, teaching thousands of workshops, as well as the tens of thousands of people we have worked with over the last thirty-eight years.

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"What I have learned with Layne and Paul has been the single most important step toward greater self-esteem, happiness and creating what I want for my life. If I were down to my last dime, I would invest it in my work with Paul and Layne because it so profoundly and positively impacts every area of my life."
~ Kathy Blackmer

Below are our main products available for purchase:

Five Stages Special Report and Self-Assess,emt

Special Report with Relationship Skills  Self-Assessment

Authentic Communication Training Program

Enlightened Conflict Resolution Program

Transform Your Consciousness Multimedia Program

Emotional Clearing and Vitality Multimedia Program

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1. The Five Stages of Relationships - An Indispensable Road Map for All Your Relationships

2. Authentic, Heart Centered Communication Program

3. Enlightened Conflict Resolution Program

4. Transform Your Consciousness About Relationships

5. Emotional Clearing and Vitality Training Program - EFT