What Is Coaching?

Most of us embark upon the adventure of relationship with a greater measure of hope and good intention than either skill or knowledge in the creative laws of relationship. On the path of relationship there are predictable challenges and unseen opportunities within the relationship itself that most people are unprepared to meet.

How many creative endeavors have bit the dust because people get locked into power struggles and disagreements and can’t get beyond them – or – loving marriages that descend into bitter courtroom battles – or – business meetings bogged down by petty grievances or emotional undercurrents – or – community meetings that are more about casting blame than solving problems?

Coaching is the process of you being supported in creating what you want in your life. When you are confused, frustrated, making excuses or just plain fed up, having an experienced personal coach makes all the difference in turning the situation around. Having a coach is having someone who supports you in claiming what you want and going for it!

How much faster and easier would you create what you want if you had someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to assist you in focusing and prioritizing your activities and someone to be accountable to for producing the results you say you want? Someone who is compassionate, insightful and can practice "tough love" when necessary?

How important is it to have someone in your life who has over 35 years of professional experience coaching thousands of people through the most challenging relationship issues imaginable to achieve their dreams and is committed to you achieving your dreams?

Paul and Layne are those people.

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Paul and Layne are, hands down, my most trusted advisors, counselors, and coaches in any area that's affected by my relationships. In other words, in life.

Whether I need assistance sorting out a sticky business issue, a reality check regarding a personal relationship, or even creative ideas in developing and securing a loving, strong, parental bond with my child, they are absolutely, without question, my go-to people, a couple whose wisdom is surpassed only by their commitment to love.

Simply put, they're the best at what they do, and they've made a deep and positive impact on my life.

Karen Risch
Writer and Editor

Why Would I Want A Relationship Coach?