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When you join our Circle of Inspiration Program you will receive weekly inspirational and educational  articles, videos, poetry or art about once a week. These are intended to engage you in a “conversation of relational vitality” that encourages and supports you in creating a life and relationships that you truly love.

We know the importance of fulfilling relationships to living a beautiful and rewarding life.

We also know you are probably very busy with many things pulling at your attention. That’s why we designed this program to fit easily into your busy life without being a distraction or giving you just another thing to do!

Five Stages Special Report and Self-Assess,emt

And more than that, you will also receive our five lesson How to Create Successful Soulful Relationships e-Course! You will learn the five essential keys you need to unlock the hidden potential in any relationship! Each lesson will come in a separate email a week apart. We recommend that you print it out to read and make notes.

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Unsolicited Comments from Subscribers

Kathleen Terbeek, USA

Often I notice that when I’m about to open your e-mail communiqués I have an extra measure of anticipation — the delicious kind — even after all this time. So I’m just dropping in to tell you that I’m full of admiration and appreciation for the way you manage to be so thoroughly professional and at the same time so thoroughly personal.

David Guest, United Kingdom

I’d like to say that your website is the best and most thought provoking on relationship issues that I’ve come across and boy have I had a reason to be looking recently! I think your site just oozes passion and energy for helping people with their difficulties.

Dr. Baldo Garaycochea, MD, Canada

Most of the time I erase a bunch of email I receive without opening them, but when I receive one of yours I do open it for sure. Thank you.