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Breakdowns and difficulties happen in all kinds of relationships. Paul and Layne show their clients how to use any upset or disappointment as a learning and healing opportunity. If you suffer from hidden unconscious patterns it feels like you’re out of control, like your relationships are just happening ‘to’ you. With Paul and Layne you will see how you can use very specific tools in communication and conflict resolution that have the power to transform your consciousness and improve your confidence. Your consciousness is what is creating the quality of your relationships. When you take responsibility for the quality of your own consciousness you can uncover and clear your unwanted patterns.

Paul and Layne are brilliant at spotting the specific patterns and their causes, in just a

session or two. Would you like to be free of your painful patterns? The first thing needed is to identify them, name them and then employ the proven techniques Paul or Layne show you to deconstruct them. These tools work to clear and transform painful emotions into insight and personal power.

Can You Name Your Relationship Patterns?

Common themes in relationship patterns are:

  • Feeling betrayed
  • Undervalued
  • Disrespected
  • Misunderstood
  • Left
  • Not getting your needs met
  • Intimacy issues

Paul and Layne will support you with underlying emotional wounds and guide you in noticing new choice points that empower you to intentionally create your relationships. When you start seeing things from this higher perspective you can take yourself to the future you want at home, work or in community.

Having Trouble in Relationship with Yourself, Romance, Work or Community?

Whether you are dealing with tense relationships at work with a boss or co-worker because of a power struggle or outright sabotage, your work with Paul or Layne can transform the troubling relationship dynamic. You will gain insight and wisdom and grow beyond it.

You might even have a family relationship that is troubled. It could be a long-standing dispute or separation from a sibling or your parents. Whatever the case, if it’s hurting you, it is worth finding out if it can be healed and restored. You can improve a family relationship even when the other person doesn’t want to work on it with you.

If you’ve had a falling out with a friend and you’re having unwanted feelings, yet you value the relationship enough that you want to get to the bottom of whatever is really going on in the relationship. You can gain the insight to turn the situation around.

If you are in a romantic relationship dealing with chronic misunderstandings and miscommunication there is a new way get beyond them. If you and your partner are feeling distant from each other and neither of you has been able to break the ice and reconnect, you can do the work on your end by transforming your own consciousness. This gives you a new-found power to build new bridges of understanding and turn the situation around.

One of the biggest questions Paul and Layne get is, “Should I stay or should I go?” People don’t want to leave without knowing they have done everything they can to make the relationship work, so they can wrestle with this question for a long time before they let go of an unfulfilling, even toxic relationship. Your work with Paul or Layne can help you assess whether there is any healing potential in the relationship or if you should get your lesson and move on.

If you are having trouble recovering from a breakup they can certainly help you. Paul and Layne’s Vibrational RepatterningTM clears the pain, loss and self-doubt that occurs when you end a

romantic relationship. As this occurs, you can heal the relationship patterns causing the pain so you don’t repeat the pattern in your next intimate relationship. All this helps you forgive, let go and feel stronger, more resilient and more lovable than ever before. If you need help to let go and move on, these techniques are a God send. In this way, the breakup is transformed into a gift that will serve you for the rest of your life.

You can schedule a Vibrational Repatterning™ session to start feeling better and empowered today. The Emotional Renewal Techniques can be facilitated over the phone or Internet video as well as in person.

Paul and Layne can also help you decide whether you should stay or go. “Should I stay or should I go” is one of the biggest questions they get. People can wrestle with this question for a long time before they actually let go of an unfulfilling, even toxic relationship. They can help you assess whether there is any healing potential in the relationship for you or if you should get your lesson and move on.

What Clients Say About Their Individual Work with Paul and Layne

Karen Risch ~ Writer

Simply the most intuitive, articulate, appreciative, thoughtful, and spiritual presence in my life.  Layne always makes it safe for me to feel or say anything, and I have shared some of my scariest thoughts, deepest fears, and most desperate moments with her. I have also experienced wondrous “ahas” and the heights of exhilaration and divine connection under her care.

She is both results-oriented and in tune with the pace of progress that’s right for me. She has a delicious sense of humor and such a beautiful voice (no small thing when most of my sessions were conducted over the phone).”

Kathryn Taylor ~ Financial Planner

I have attracted a wonderful man who is helping me to learn that it is truly safe to receive all of his love and affection. I am learning to co-create my partnership with him so I can see, feel and hear all the things that I have always wanted in a relationship. Most of all, I realize that life is a process and having the tools I learned from Paul and Layne helps me deal with the challenges as they come up.

John Adams ~ Tax Advisor

I cleared my fear and rejection of my personal power because I had unknowingly decided it was “dangerous”. I have suffered deep feelings of sexual inadequacy all my adult life. I am 37 years old. Layne helped me uncover and resolve a repressed aspect of an event that I previously thought had been completely resolved. Layne was able to help me reconcile my fear and confusion around my masculine power which has had a very happy effect in my relationships with women.

Larry Gapinski ~ Business Owner

The coaching from Paul has profoundly changed my life. The doubling of my income was only a bonus compared to the unleashing of the creative energy that had been blocked for years. Thank you, Paul!”

Dr. Marni Hansil ~ Dentist & Mother of Two

I came to Paul and Layne for crisis coaching. It was one of the best choices I ever made because I would have not been able to grow as quickly as I have through this divorce process if it weren’t for Layne’s dedication and support. Just knowing she’s there for me is reassuring. She empowers me to be my best self, even when the going got tough.”

If you are not quite ready to fill out the application, that’s okay. They suggest you read what some of their clients say about working with them.   Click Here for Testimonials   Over the last forty years, thousands of people from all over the world have put their trust in Paul and Layne to help them through the rough spots in creating their vision for their relationship and sustaining it. In reading what others share you might find people in situations similar to your own. This will inspire a greater understanding of the possibilities and the confidence you need to move forward with Paul and Layne.

I have been a client of Paul and Layne’s coaching in both private and group coaching. Their expertise in cutting through to the heart of the matter has provided deep healing and I have gained a sense of personal power in a whole new way.

Jan Stringer ~ Bestselling Author, Business Coach, Business Intuitive

“We look forward to speaking with you!”