Paul and Layne

Paul and Layne

Relationships Re-Imagined

New love, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being in love! It’s one of the greatest feelings any of us can have. You’ve likely experienced the delirious, delicious sensations of romantic love yourself. Maybe more than once!

It can feel like your life has changed,  you’ve changed. You can feel like it will never end and you hope it will go on forever! With your hearts wide open, your communication dissolves familiar barriers, bringing you closer with a welcome feeling of safety and trust. And passion!

It’s also likely that you’ve had the experience of “true love gone bad”. Sometimes it can happen almost over night, or it can stretch out over time, months or even years. And that is painful. One of the most painful feelings of loss we can experience.

Let’s face it, sometimes relationships can be hard. Really hard . . .

At the beginning of a romantic relationship when you have butterflies in your stomach and  stars in your eyes, feeling attraction, fascination or even passion, you might even feel like this is it!

But all too often something happens. You start to notice there is a different energy in your relationship. You begin to feel distant from one another, wondering what your partner is thinking or feeling. Or you feel irritated with your partner, the little things about them that just get on your nerves! You can even become suspicious. You can feel like the love you felt is only a memory. And you can question if it was even real to begin with.

But here’s some truly good news!

It’s not uncommon at all to experience these thoughts and feelings. In fact, it’s predictable. And that’s an important thing to know. In fact, that’s something  you can learn all about in The Love Codes!

But, the secrets of keeping the love alive don’t have to remain one of the great mysteries of your life. And we can help you unlock that mystery, and more!

Raphael Cushnir

“Paul & Layne’s teachings are a rare blend of inspiration and practicality. I love their directness, clarity, depth of caring and incredible range of insight. It’s virtually impossible not to grow with their guidance. You can feel their giant hearts wide open, and relax into the gentle humility of their approach. They belong on the short list of transformational resources.”

Raphael Cushnir ~ Author of Setting Your Heart on Fire

Welcome to our website, Relationships Re-Imagined! Hello, we’re Paul and Layne Cutright. We’re so glad
you found your way here! This site is your online resource for practical tools and relationship wisdom you can take into the your most important relationships. 
We’ve been training and coaching couples in principles and tools for creating successful relationships since 1977. That’s forty plus years experience guiding thousands of people and couples from all walks of life into their greatest fulfillment in close, intimate relationships of all kinds. 

Paul and Layne

”Paul & Layne are profound teachers of love and wisdom. They can take you and your relationship to the next level and beyond.” 

Debbie Ford ~ Spiritual Teacher, author of Spiritual Divorce and
The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

Debbie Ford

we invite you to Join us on our journey . . .

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These gifts will inspire you and help you explore new ways to create your own soulful romantic relationship. We’ll share some of what has worked best for us. This is a slow, easy, relaxed way to sample our teachings and see if it fits for you. You’ll get workshop recordings, handouts from some of our classes and selected articles to get you started. Practical things that reveal our personal formula from the last forty years for keeping the love alive.

Early on you’ll get a recording of a live training in which we taught our premiere communication program, Heart to Heart Talks, for 1,000 participants! This is a dynamic, high powered, interactive presentation with lots of joy, laughter and learning. Heart to Heart Talks are a deceptively simple yet powerful communication exercise that’s fun to do, and positively transforms relationships! We bet they can transform your relationship, too!

We’ll share with you what we know about creating soulful relationships and help you re-imagine what can happen when you are opened ~ heart to heart and soul to soul with your beloved.



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