Relationships Re-Imagined

Couples Education and Coaching for Soulful Relating at Home, Work and Community

We can help you tap into your spiritual nature that opens a latent intelligence in your heart. An intelligence that guides you in healing any wounds that prevent you from opening to a new and beautiful experience of intimate love. Then new capacities will be yours to transform ignorance into knowledge, difficulties into life affirming wisdom and emotional turmoil into greater aliveness.

When this happens for your relationship, you will both thrive and radiate with a renewed vision of the future you can build from this solid foundation of love, trust and mutual understanding.

We know because that's exactly what happened to us. For the past forty years we have guided thousands of couples to do the same. We're here for one simple reason. To help you create a better life through more soulful relating.

If you choose to work with us you will gain new skills and practices that can safeguard your relationship from failure. Relationship wisdom is the best kind marriage insurance.

"Paul & Layne's teachings are a rare blend of inspiration and practicality. I love their directness, clarity, depth of caring and incredible range of insight. It's virtually impossible not to grow with their guidance. You can feel their giant hearts wide open, and relax into the gentle humility of their approach. They belong on the short list of transformational resources."

Raphael Cushnir ~ Author of Setting Your Heart on Fire

Hello, we're Paul and Layne Cutright. Welcome to our site for couples and individuals who want to learn more about soulful relating in intimate relationship with their beloveds!

We've been training and coaching couples in creating successful relationships since 1977. That's forty+ years of experience guiding people from all walks of life into their greatest fulfillment in romantic love.

We look at life and love from a soulful perspective that empowers us to see where you are 'growing to' and what will most empower you to realize your full potential, both as individuals and as a couple. In short, we help our clients gain the knowledge, tools and practices they need to co-create the loving relationship they truly desire.  One that grows stronger and more beautiful over time. And we want to help you do the same.

"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."

       Judy Garland, Singer & Actress          

"Paul & Layne are profound teachers of love and wisdom. They can take you and your relationship to the next level and beyond."

Debbie Ford ~ Spiritual Teacher, author of Spiritual Divorce and
The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

we invite you to Join us on our journey . . .

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your Complimentary Gifts

These gifts will inspire you and help you explore new ways to create your own soulful romantic relationship. We'll share some of what has worked best for us. This is a slow, easy, relaxed way to sample our teachings and see if it fits for you. You'll get workshop recordings, handouts from some of our classes and selected articles to get you started. Practical things that reveal our personal formula from the last forty years for keeping the love alive.

Early on you'll get a recording of a live training in which we taught our premiere communication program, Heart to Heart Talks, for 1,000 participants! This is a dynamic, high powered, interactive presentation with lots of joy, laughter and learning. Heart to Heart Talks are a deceptively simple yet powerful communication exercise that's fun to do, and positively transforms relationships! We bet they can transform your relationship, too!

We'll share with you what we know about creating soulful relationships and help you re-imagine what can happen when you are opened ~ heart to heart and soul to soul with your beloved.



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