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We recently received this e-mail from Esther Wright commenting on the Relationship Savvy Pledge, so we thought we would share it with you here for Valentine’s Day.

“This is possibly the most powerful and beneficial info on relationships that I have come across in my 35+ years of personal and spiritual development. Thank you so much for sharing it.” ~ Esther Wright – Portland, OR

The Relationship Savvy Pledge
Because I am committed to creating deep fulfilling relationships:

• I joyfully accept responsibility for the quality of my relationships.

• I will create a life that I love, knowing it is the healthiest foundation from which to build a truly great romantic relationship.

• I will use every encounter to learn about myself, so that I may use this knowledge to become more of the person I want to be and live the life I want.

• I will seek to know myself so that I can be true to myself in all ways. I will be self reflective and take care to observe my self-talk and the beliefs that foster it.

• I will do my inner work so I may consciously create the relationships I want.

• I will create a network of support that nurtures and encourages me.

• I will refine my communication so that I may be authentic. I will endeavor to be open-minded and open hearted. I will treat others with caring and respect.

• I will seek to leave people feeling better about themselves than before they met me.

• I will open myself to love and intimacy.

• I will resolve emotional issues from the past. I will transform disappointments and setbacks into growth opportunities that propel me toward my desired future.

• I will be discerning about others’ character and choose to relate with people who are both good to me and good for me.

• I will make a rigorous assessment of my strengths so I may appreciate what I have to bring to relationships with others.

• I will determine compatibility before I open myself to sexual intimacy.

• I will participate in life as fully as I can – strengthening my self esteem and refusing to hold myself back. I will reach out for what I want.

• I am committed to life long learning and I will enthusiastically learn how to create and maintain the kind of relationships I truly want.

• I will let go of what doesn’t work in my life.

Please feel free to download a PDF of the Relationship Savvy Pledge as our Valentine’s Day gift for you. Click Here to download as a PDF.

What shows up for you as you read this?
Does it seem like something that you could subscribe to for your own relationships?
Let us know your thoughts.

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