Relationship Enrichment Evenings with Paul & Layne
Asheville Date Nite ~ Special Couples Only Event!

We've moved from Weaverville into Asheville! These events will be
postponed until we're settled into our new place.
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Every month on the 3rd Friday we meet with a small group of up to ten couples to share an evening of laughter, deepening connection and building trust. When you arrive you will sit with your partner and through the first half of the evening you will be guided through a series of heart opening communication exercises.

These "Heart to Heart Talks", as we call them, are carefully designed to deepen your understanding of one another and to gently gain more trust. We will take a break after about an hour and when we come back we will have time for questions and answers.
The evening is a beautiful heart space and is always
thought provoking
 and full of happy surprises!

We touch on a wide variety of relationship  subjects:

  • Building friendship
  • Sharing power equally
  • Discovering deeper parts of yourself
  • Forgiveness and healing hurts
  • Deepening trust and intimacy
  • Family bonding
  • Navigating crisis
  • Intentionally creating a future together
  • Building relationships that grow stronger
    and more beautiful over time

These events are created and led by Paul and Layne Cutright who are authors of books and programs on authentic, heart centered communication, enlightened conflict resolution and more. They have 40 years of experience working together teaching and coaching others in the art and science of creating lasting fulfilling relationships of all kinds. They teach from a deep experience in eclectic spiritual wisdom traditions tempered with practical application with proven tools for real life relationship concerns. They are both intuitive empaths with a talent for getting to core issues quickly and compassionately. (more about Paul & Layne below plus a special report)

Layne and Paul

Layne and Paul

Relationship Enrichment Evenings are held the third Friday of every month at the
Nourishing Life Center of Asheville located at 207 Weaverville Rd. Asheville 28804.

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"Paul and Layne use simple techniques to teach profound and powerful tools to help you deepen and strengthen your relationships. I recently attended one of their RELATIONSHIP ENRICHMENT EVENINGS and was blown away by Paul and Layne's ability to distill a lifetime of wisdom into simple practices that anyone can learn to use."
~ David Bollt, founder of Relational Yoga and Model Society

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$25.00 per couple

"During just the two hours with Layne and Paul, I was able to identify deep places of my intimate relationship with my husband that was really calling for my attention. Thank YOU!”
~ Dr. Robin Saraswati Markus, founder of the Nourishing Life Center

Who Are Paul & Layne?

Paul and Layne have been educators, coaches and innovators in the field of conscious relationships for 40 years. They are bestselling authors and pathfinders with a keen interest in the nature of the soul and its creative impact on a person’s sense of self, their relationships with others and the web of life.

They observe that we are all conceived in and born into relationship. We are wounded in relationship. We are healed in relationship and we evolve in relationship. Relationships touch every other part of our life, therefore they are the highest point of leverage to enrich our entire life and our future.

They are wisdom keepers of an esoteric body of knowledge for the evolving human soul. They have been working as a professional husband and wife team teaching and coaching people and couples in new and profound ways of living life. They specialize in helping couples in crisis to weather the storms of change, hurt, betrayal and broken trust and find safe harbor on new shores of safety and possibility. They also help individuals, couples, families and business partners seize the powerful spiritual opportunities available in relationships.

Primarily what makes Paul and Layne different from other relationship experts and coaches is where they think from. They think from an evolutionary paradigm. They are more than theorists. They are path finders, facilitators and hands-on coaches who show their clients and students how to gain practical, real world wisdom so they can create a quality of life they love, and share it with the people who are most important to them.

They recognize relationships as a co-creative process that involves everyone in the relationship. Relationships don’t just happen, they are created. We can all have a say whether we create our relationships with awareness and skill or ignorance and confusion. They see the purpose of relationships is to learn, to heal and to spiritually evolve into conscious co-creators of our life and the communities in which we live.

The Special Report available to the right provides an in-depth perspective on the importance of communication to relationship success. In this report they reveal one of the key factors in their own successful 40 year relationship as romantic and marriage partners, creative partners, teaching partners and business partners. 

Layne and Paul

Layne and Paul

Click Here to receive our Special Report, "How to Avoid Communication Breakdowns That Can Make a Mess of Your Relationships"

"We believe that good relationships, fulfilling relationships, are essential for a well-lived and fulfilling life. More than that, we see that so many people suffer needlessly in their relationships, and we know it doesn’t have to be that way. We know beyond the shadow of a doubt that people have an untapped power to create a beautiful future for themselves and those they care about. We have seen it happen countless times over the years with our clients and students. And where does that happen? The only place it can; in your mind and heart, and then through your relationships with others." ~ Paul & Layne Cutright

Paul and Layne's teachings are a rare blend of inspiration and practicality.

I love their directness, clarity, depth of caring and incredible range of insight. They've brought together so many streams of consciousness development that it's virtually impossible not to grow with their guidance. You can feel their giant hearts, wide open, and relax into the gentle humility of their approach. They belong on the short list of indispensible transformational resources.

Raphael Cushnir
Spiritual Teacher - Author, Setting Your Heart on Fire