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The Trouble with Authenticity

Has anyone ever asked you, “How are you doing?”, and it’s a day when you’re not at your best? You don’t want to be a downer, nor do you want to discuss it. So, you lie and say “I’m great!”  All of us have experience with this, our culture has trained us how to pretend and […]

Who I Am Becoming – A Young Woman’s Story of Spiritual Awakening

The movie below was created as an assignment for a digital storytelling program in which participants were to create a short movie about a personal spiritual experience. In fact, it is about an experience I had following one of my early Rebirthing experiences in a hot tub at Theta House. I had to write the script, […]

Torn Between Two Lovers

  I was 23 years old and for two weeks straight I had been putting myself to sleep trying to figure out a painless and tidy way to end my life. I could no longer bear the anguish of a breaking heart. I had to find a way to escape this “aching forever alone place” […]