Author: Paul and Layne

  • Letters from God – #2

    Do You Know What “God” Would Say to You? Dear Jason,I am writing you at this time because I know you are presently involved in an intensive growth and healing period in your life. And perhaps for the first time you are including me in your life.You’ve always known of my existence, and now it’s […]

  • Letters from God – #1

    What Would You Like “God” to Say to You? We’ve been preparing for a move, which means going through boxes and files and papers and more that have been in storage. Some of them going waaay back! You know how that is, you come across things you definitely want to let go of and wonder why you […]

  • Neutralize Your Judgments

    Create More Peace by Neutralizing Your Judgments Judging yourself  for being judgmental only deepens the problem. People like to think their judgments about others are true. They sure feel true, don’t they? But when you realize you don’t have the the whole truth from which to make a proper judgment, you can begin to see […]