Breakthrough Group Coaching Program

If you’re feeling challenged, anxious or overwhelmed with uncertainty in your life, work or relationships, this could be exactly what you’re looking for . . .

Paul Cutright
Master Coach,
Mentor and Trainer

A Personal Breakthrough
Small Group Coaching Program
with Paul Cutright

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In this time of rapid, unpredictable change going it alone is NOT a viable option for anyone who wants to not only survive . . .
but truly thrive with new positive possibilities

I’m guessing you’re busy, so to save you time
here’s what this is all about:

This is a unique opportunity to participate in my
small group ‘laser coaching’ program dedicated to each participant having a breakthrough
in four weeks or less.

It’s limited to no more than 10 participants
to allow for close personal attention.

I will be using advanced energy psychology techniques to help you accomplish your intentions. Each class will be recorded for your future review.

To give you a head start, as a bonus when you sign up I will send you my complete 
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Multimedia Training Program

that will show you how to use EFT
with yourself and others.

If you think this could be helpful for you, then please keep reading to learn the details below:

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who is ready for deep level, get-to-the-point, result producing coaching that will help them engage life in a way that delivers satisfaction and connection with others. They want to move beyond their excuses and fears and get the help they need to generate a life they are excited about and happy to step into every day.

And they don’t want to wait anymore. They want it now.

These are people who are ready to reclaim their personal power and reconnect with the deeper part of their nature that sustains and renews them. They are ready to resolve major or recurring problems. They are ready to heal the disappointments from the past and move on.

These are people who want to be even more attuned to the deepest, truest parts of their spiritual nature to gain more wisdom and self-love. They are no longer willing for other people’s hidden agendas and manipulations to hijack their own well-being and peace of mind.

These are people who are ready to step back, take a breath and recalibrate their priorities in life, if necessary. To assess what is working and what isn’t and change what needs changing.


So the life they are living is the life they love, filled with creativity, vitality, authentic presence, connection and peace.

All they need is penetrating insight and skillful means with the support of a loving, experienced mentor and guide.

And, that’s where I come in!

Hello and thank you for being here,

You might already know who I am, but . . .

in case you don’t, my name is Paul Cutright and I’ve been working for 38 years helping people break through their limitations and the invisible energetic chains that have bound them to their past so they can enjoy vibrant, creative, fulfilled lives bursting with spiritual depth and authentic connection.

Over those 38 years, I’ve discovered many things that work when it comes to clearing away the fear, anxiety and stress that sabotages success in life and relationships. I’ve had the privilege of working with people all over the world, from senior corporate executives and entrepreneurs to single moms, artists and performers. I have also trained hundreds of therapists, healers, counselors and professional coaches along the way.

I am accomplished in a variety of leading edge energy transformation techniques and breakthrough methodologies for accelerating personal and professional growth and spiritual evolution. I use these in my work practically every day with private clients, by phone, from all over the world.

My wife and creative partner, Layne, and I are also popular authors of several books, including the bestselling You’re Never Upset for the Reason You Think, along with Straight From the Heart and Secrets and Strategies for Successful Relationships as well as multiple audio and video programs.

Laser coaching is deep, powerful and accelerates long lasting results.

Are you ready?

I invite you to join me on a journey of
your own personal evolution . . .

in this exclusive small group “laser coaching” program dedicated to accelerated results. Here you will get the attention and support you need to release whatever isn’t working for you and empower you to step into a profound level of personal and spiritual renewal.

That’s where the “laser coaching” comes in. During the last 38 years of coaching thousands of people, I have developed a fine-tuned ability for keen insight into what’s really going on and getting to the bottom line quickly, then offering recommendations for taking a next step, now.

As a Master EFT Practitioner I will be using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in our work together as I coach each person individually. The speed of EFT combined with my decades experience working with people is a potent combination for easing the way to accelerated change.

Any serious athlete, musician, actor or performer of any kind needs a coach if they’re serious about their careeer. The fact is, coaches have always been a crucial part of the success formula for those who want to fulfill their potential and be their best.

However, you don’t have to be a world class athlete or performer to take advantage of the leverage a coach can provide. Anyone, from any walk of life, who wants to be more, can use a coach.

Plus, you will also receive the benefit of listening as I coach others in the program who may have the same or similar issues as you. You will learn to use a simple yet powerful technique called “borrowing benefits” that will allow you to maximize your own results.

Skillful means and you . . .

I keep my finger on the pulse of the newest and most effective transformational tools my clients and students need to succeed.

One of the most outstanding methodologies I’ve found comes from the field of Energy Psychology.

One particular technique is called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). You may have heard of it or even experienced it. It super charges your capacity to let go of past limitations and integrate new skills and abilities, literally in minutes.

The unique combination of my laser coaching, skillful means, empowering guided meditations and group support is what sets this proven program apart.

Here’s what you’ll receive in your
Personal Breakthrough
‘Laser Coaching’ Program

There will be a maximum of only 10 participants in this program. This is a number that has proven to generate a powerful, yet intimate transformational space, a “resonant field” that exponentially multiplies the results for everyone in the group. In fact, we will all intentionally create this field together at the beginning of each session.

1. Four weekly sessions, 90 minutes each, for a total 6 hours of focused, in-depth coaching with EFT & other energy modalities.

2. Personal one-on-one attention, plus enhanced support with “borrowing benefits” that maximizes your own results when I work with others in the group.

3. A recording of each session that you can download and listen to in the future.

4. Guided mindfulness meditations at the beginning of each session.

5. I sincerely want to support you in becoming as self-reliant as possibile and getting truly lasting results. So, to help you get the most out of this program, I am also giving you my Emotional Freedeom Techniques (EFT) Multimedia Training ProgramThis is a recorded program (audio and video) of a five hour training I conducted especially for therapists, counselors and coaches. This program alone normally sells for $119.95 and is yours FREE!

Including the EFT Multimedia Training Program, the total value of this program comes to over $900.00.

But, you won’t pay anything near that for this program.

I know that my private coaching fees ($225.00 per session, $800.00 for 4 sessions) are out of reach for some people and that’s one of the reasons I do this kind of program from time to time, to make this amazing work available to as many people as possible. And, to be honest, I really like working with small groups of committed people!

The tuition for this program is only $250.00. But I have an even better offer for a limited time. You can take advantage of my early bird discount of $50.00, and pay just $200.00 through March 31.

That’s more than an 75% savings over one-on-one coaching.

There’s a good chance you’ve
heard of T. Harv Eker!

T. Harv Eker
NYT Bestselling Author of The Millionaire Mind

“This gentleman (Paul Cutright) changed my life in two ways . . . just modeling him has been one of the greatest opportunities of my life.”

Listen to what else T. Harv has to say about Paul and his work . . .

                                               1 min. 49 sec.

In this recording Harv introduces Paul as a guest trainer to teach his students the art and skill of Emotional Freedeom Technique. This was a large group of about 1,000 people who had never before heard of EFT

Emotional Freedom Training
Online EFT Multimedia Program

I believe EFT is a life skill that everyone should have. Life is full of unexpected challenges and sometimes we need powerful, skillful means to navigate them successfully. EFT is that.

All digital downloads for
immediate access

Even though I will be using EFT with you in this Laser Coaching Program, I want you to have the skill of EFT for the rest of your life. That’s why I am including my EFT Training Program as a bonus for joining me.

You will be able to download the entire program, including class recordings, training videos and handouts when you register.

(Click Here to learn more about this program – link will open in new page)

With EFT you will be able to help yourself and the people you care about to dissolve anxiety, release fears and phobias, let got of painful memories, heal emotional pain & traumas and much more, usually in 20 minutes or less!

Even if you already know and use EFT, you can deepen your knowledge and skill with this program, which was taught to therapists, counselors, coaches and other helping professionals.

You might be asking yourself,
what’s this program worth?

If we added all this up at its regular pricing it would come to over $900.00.

But, you won’t pay anything near that for this program.

I am aware that my private coaching fees ($225.00 per session, $800.00 for 4 sessions) are out of reach for some people and that’s one of the reasons I do this kind of program from time to time.

I want to make this amazing work available to as many people as possible. And, to be honest, I really like working with small groups of committed people!

Tuition – $250.00

Early Bird Tuition – 25% Off – Only $200.00
Save $50.00 through Tuesday March 31

To provide a bit of context, if you were to commit to 6 hours of private one-on-one coaching it would cost $1,200.00. I think that makes this program among the best coaching values
to be found anywhere!

Class Schedule

Tuesdays April 7, 14, 21, 28

Time – 4:00pm PST, 5:00pm MST,
6:00pm CST, 7:00pm EST

Sessions – 90 minutes

All sessions recorded

Yes, Paul, I’m in! I want to join your Small Group Laser Coaching Program and receive your EFT Training Program!

Choose your payment method and click the appropriate Add to Cart button below:

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thru March 31

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Make Two Payments
$130.00 each

Want to speak with me personally
about this program?

Click the link below to schedule a 20 – 30 minute, no pressure, no obligation
conversation to explore the possibilities of a breakthrough for you.

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Not sure yet if this will work for you?

Check out these Facebook comments
from participants . . .

Here’s what others have to say
about this program . . .

Rosemary Heenan
Ontario, Canada

“With the help of Paul’s Laser Coaching Program I found several previously hidden limiting beliefs that were keeping me from attracting the loving relationship I desire.

The techniques he teaches are easy to implement and are transformational. Paul’s skill in wording affirmations helped me to find ones that get to the core of what I desire to create.

Paul creates a very safe, supportive atmosphere in his classes and he quickly gets to the heart of each person’s feelings and clarifies them. Even when he was coaching another participant, I found insight for my own challenges.

As a result of the Personal Breakthrough Program I am daily taking action towards meeting men where in the past I would procrastinate. My confidence in going for what I desire and believing I deserve a loving relationship are at an all time high.

If you want complete support and transformational tools, I highly recommend working with Paul.”

Scott Mooney – Illustrator and EFT Practitioner
Ontario, Canada

“I feel very privileged and grateful to have Paul as my coach. Even though he and Layne specialize in relationships coaching, Paul is also my excellent life coach and business coach, which makes sense now that I see that everything we do in life is made of relationships!

In the time we’ve worked together he has kept me moving forward and growing like no other coach or mentor I’ve had before. 

Since working with Paul I’ve had a breakthrough in my illustration business, my relationship with my wife, my mom and friends!

The biggest breakthrough Paul has brought to me is my discovery of a talent and passion for EFT! 

Paul is an EFT Master. We’ve used EFT many times in our sessions. In one 10-15 minute session we created a breakthrough in the lifelong tension between me and my mom.

She was in the house at the time. When I got off the phone with Paul and rejoined my mom in the kitchen the tension was totally gone, and it’s been gone ever since!

Also, Paul is a very accepting person. This makes it easy to speak openly with him and this way we can really get to the core of the matter more quickly and deal with it effectively.

“My personal experience was very interesting, going from the worry about my son which had given me a lot of anxiety in the past (and is gone!!!!!), to find that it was connected to this little girl in me, who had to find her way mostly alone surrounded by a lot of fear and destruction of post-war Germany.”

Uva Meiner – Midwife – Costa Rica

“In less than one hour, Paul helped me with a major breakthrough past the biggest fear of my life!”

Karen Lyu – Holistic Voice Coach & Jazz Singer

“Paul listened intently and his focused questions helped me discover ways to release the past and move forward with my goals.”

Alison Held – Nutritionist – Business Owner

“I am happy to say that my work with Paul in the last few months has taken me light years beyond anything I have ever done. With Paul’s masterful coaching and use of EFT I am cleaning out issues I have lived with for most of my 55 years.”

Kenny Giacco – Real Estate Broke

Maybe you’ve noticed, the world is
changing dramatically, every day

I know a lot of people who are having a tough time right now. Maybe you’re one of those people. If you are, I want to ask you a very important question.

What do you do when you
don’t know what to do?

When you’re feeling afraid or anxious or worried? When things are changing and you aren’t sure how they will turn out. You may be imagining all kinds of undesirable, negative outcomes . . . like losing financial security or losing love.

If you’re dealing with:

  • losing your job or source of income
  • business decline or loss
  • losing your savings
  • losing your home
  • losing your marriage or other significant relationship
  • loss of health and vitality
  • getting real with yourself about the challenges you’re facing

(Maybe none of these things are happening for you, but we’ll bet you know someone who is dealing with some of these things.)

Anyway, what do you do?

When you feel that sense of panic rising up from your stomach to your chest and into your throat that makes it hard to breathe and catch your breath . . .

What do you do?

When you hear on the news or see on the Internet about how the 1% is cleaning up, corruption in banking and politics, fights over minimum wage hikes, while the “middle class” (maybe you) is being shut out of participation, how does that make you feel?

You know, all those things that make it hard to sleep at night, when you toss and turn, in and out of sleep and you wake up tired, anxious and dreading the day.

Really, what do you do? Think about it for a second . . .

If you’re like most people, you hunker down and do more of what you’re already doing.

  • you try harder
  • you work harder and more hours
  • you try to use the law of attraction, without much success
  • you hope and pray for miracles while fearing they won’t happen
  • or you just tune out, distract yourself and give up!

The solution for anxiety isn’t
what it used to be . . .

Anxiety and fear of the future can make us feel a little crazy.

You know the definition of insanity, right?

Insanity = doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

That’s exactly what happens when stress and fear shuts down your access to the higher reasoning and creative part of your brain (the forebrain – prefrontal cortex) and keeps you locked into survival, contraction and fight or flight (the hindbrain – reptilian brain).

Well, none of this is your fault and here’s why . . .

As human beings, being ‘change averse’ is hard wired into our very DNA. Our innate self-defense mechanisms cause us to hold on tight to what is familiar.


Because when we were 2 or 3 years old we instinctively shrank from new tastes. In the beginning of the human species and throughout much of early history, that is the age at which children first began to forage and gather for themselves.

Those who strayed from what was known and trusted, based on what they learned from adults, often wouldn’t survive.

The familiar and known seem safer, whether they are or not.

So, what does that mean for you in your life right now, today?

It means there may be current circumstances that are requiring you to think differently and to make totally different choices. And you have a hard time getting comfortable with that.

It means you may have some very important and critical choices to make about how you will proceed into your future that will determine what kind of future it will be.

You are being required to access a new part of your brain. You know you need to handle things differently and you don’t know how, yet.

Are you contracting or expanding?

You see, you are either expanding or contracting at any given time. Fear and anxiety causes you to contract. Love and gratitude cause you to expand.

It’s easier to mindlessly and automatically contract and look to the familiar for safety and security when you feel stressed, anxious or afraid.

The unknown appears frightening and dangerous.

So, what’s the alternative?

In a word, EXPAND!

Choose to accept change, step through your fear and EXPAND! Choose to expand into love and get some spiritual altitude. See from a new place. Try a new approach.

How do you choose to expand into uncertainty when every fibre of your being is screaming DANGER! DANGER!? And you feel like contracting, running away, hiding and pulling the bed covers over your head?

Believe me when I say, “I know exactly how that feels!”

I’ve been there many times in my life. And pretty recently, too . . .

for instance, when I had emergency open heart surgery in 2011 and died three times before I even had surgery!

And as if that wasn’t enough, following that neither Layne nor I could work. And we lost our beautiful custom home that we built in 2006. This was supposed to be the last place we would live. 

Here’s what we do when
we don’t know what to do

What we do, and what we help our clients and students do, is two things:

1. Get support from our coach or friends

2. Get a “reality check”!​

Fear, anxiety and stress cause your perception and interpretations to be distorted, kind of like your own distorted image in a fun house mirror. You’ll tend to either see the worst, thus compounding your anxiety . . .

or you’ll go into denial that there is even anything to be concerned about and fail to take any kind of useful action, kind of like whistleing in the dark while underneath you know you’re terrified.

This is a big part of what coaching is all about, getting support with the challenges of life and having a sounding board for a loving, compassionate and competent reality check. It isn’t always easy to confront and be fully present to current reality.

I have helped literally thousands of my clients and students through some really scary places all the way through to the other side where they felt empowered, inspired, courageous, confident and able to take positive action.

This kind of support helps you feel safe enough, confident enough to consider opening to different solutions to old problems and taking new actions to CREATE the change you want.

OK Paul, I know I want it now!

Tuition – $250.00

Early Bird Tuition – 20% Off – Only $200.00
Save $50.00 through Tuesday March 31

Yes, Paul, I’m in! I want to join your Small Group Laser Coaching Program and receive your EFT Training Program!

Tuition – $250.00

Early Bird Tuition – 20% Off – Only $200.00
Save $50.00 through Tuesday March 31

Choose your payment method and click the appropriate Add to Cart button below:

Pay in Full
thru March 31

Make Two Payments
$130.00 each

To your success & happiness,

To your success & happiness,

PS – This Small Group Laser Coaching Program is designed to help you get results quickly. I’ve been doing just that with my clients and students for almost four decades. I can help you, too. I designed this program to make it as affordable and easy as possible for you to say YES!

Paul and Layne Cutright
848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #1684
Las Vegas, NV  89107
(702) 944-4338 VM

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