Couples in Business Together

Couples in Business

Couples who are building a business together need to be heart-centered, bold and skilled. If you’re here, you probably have a dream of creating a mutually rewarding business, one that takes you to an empowered future together. If you have already committed to your success and you realize there is a lot at stake – then, you’re in the right place.

As a professional team who are also marriage partners AND who have been professional Relationship Educators, Trainers and Coaches for forty years, Paul and Layne have an edge in helping couples who are working together or are thinking about it. They have first-hand knowledge of the perils and promise of choosing

this path. They can coach you towards intentionally creating a future that works for the complex relationship you will have. They can help you avoid the pitfalls and achieve success by showing you how to create a high-performance relationship.

Paul and Layne have worked together side-by-side as trainers and business owners. All the while keeping the love alive and flourishing in their romantic partnership for 40 years!
They want you to know it’s possible to create a beautiful life together
in every way, romance, money and career.

Paul and Layne have created an assessment they use with clients that can show you which skills you need to enhance. Most of these skills have to do with how self-reflective you are and how you tend to handle relationally complex breakdowns.

There is an enormous amount of satisfaction that comes with sharing a vision together and combining your different skill sets to get the job done. The fact is working together simplifies some aspects of life and complicates others. There are added risks. And, there are important skills needed to neutralize the risk.

You are on a great romantic adventure together and the breakdowns can be a catalyst for getting to the next level of success in your personal and business partnership!

Thinking of it as an adventure is a good metaphor. If you are going on an adventure you expect there to be some inconveniences and surprises along the way. How well you pack for your trip determines how well you navigate the unexpected. If you want it to be easy and enjoyable and you want to get the most out of it you would probably hire a guide. If it’s not too risky you may skip the guide and figure you will handle the problems when you get to them. It depends on how risky it is to fail.

Paul and Layne were romantically involved before they started working together. They worked together for two years before  starting thier own business. They had a lot going for them and experienced a lot of success right away. They had a habit of turning problems into learning opportunities and had fun doing it! They experienced remarkable success at nurturing their romantic relationship while following a clear vision for their professional life together.

And they discovered some secrets along the way. They draw on that experience and success as they coach couples who are building their own business together. Paul and Layne’s unique set of skills have empowered them to coach other couples who want to build a business.

Being Prepared Helps Things Go Smoothly

Have you discussed the things that could go wrong for your new venture and how you would handle them if they did? There is the business side to discuss and the personal romantic side. There needs to be a series of courageous conversations that you can generate as you progress.

Paul and Layne teach and coach their clients to acquire the mindset, principles and skills necessary to succeed for their partnership over the long term with all its ups and downs and surprises along the way. It’s common knowledge that when you create a business, you need to have a well thought out business strategy. People and companies pay big bucks to plan for the success of their business. If you’re a couple who work together you also need a relationship strategy for success. And Paul and Layne can help you create it.

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When there is trouble at home it can spill over at work
and vice-versa. If you’re having trouble at work
you both want to come home to
a harmonious sanctuary.

As you get into the nitty-gritty of all the decisions and responsibilities required in running a business, all the weak spots in your relationship will show up. Here is a sobering truth; disagreements, misunderstandings, communication breakdowns and upsets are predictable and they will happen more than once. That isn’t a problem if you have the knowledge, skills and a plan for how to get through them. This is critical not only to the success of your business, but most importantly for maintaining the level of closeness, connection and affection in your romantic relationship that you desire.

When there is trouble at home it can spill over at work and vice-versa. If you are having trouble at work you both want to come home to a calm, harmonious sanctuary. No matter where the challenge is sourced from, you both need some high-powered-bounce-back-skills at hand to make sure you can nip things in the bud. Then you can navigate the upset quickly and easily in a way that generates more respect and trust than before. Paul and Layne have been teaching these super-power-skills for a long time and are still discovering new ones.

High Performance Relationships Don’t Just Happen

Paul and Layne hold a special fascination for what it takes for couples to succeed in life as we all move into a more modern and complex world. They have found that resilient, high performance, loving and creative partnerships don’t just happen, they are created. They are created in consciousness first, then implemented with a variety of practical, proven skill sets.

They help their clients acquire the best practices for the kind of communication and conflict resolution necessary for success. These skills are crucial for dealing creatively with the unexpected spikes of stress and unanticipated challenges that can arise for you. These dynamics can be exaggerated for couples who work together. And they are just as important, if not more so, than standard business skills such as accounting, marketing, sales and whatever knowledge and skills are necessary for your particular business.

One of the things that can happen when couples work together is they get into power struggle. Power struggle can sap the emotional and financial vitality right out of their partnership. When this happens, it is costly on multiple fronts. Paul and Layne will help you neutralize the causes of these power struggles before they happen. And they can help you re-design your partnership so they don’t recur.

During their work coaching couples, clients have come to them who weren’t doing very well at working together. They could see that most of these couples were all making the same mistakes. Their relationship was suffering because they hadn’t prepared for what Paul and Layne could see were predictable breakdowns from the beginning.

The custom designed coaching programs Paul and Layne offer include the Six Commitments they made that helped spare them from the same kind of challenges they had in the beginning of their relationship. They also offer the Five Stages of Relationship Special Report so their clients can see how they may have fallen into a kind of power struggle to get their own unobserved needs met.

You’re Up to Something Big!

In summary, Paul and Layne recommend that you both learn to trust each other to:

  • Nurture one another’s well-being so you can bounce back quickly when emotions are high and you feel stressed
  • Create a vision statement for your personal life as well as your business venture to help you avoid feeling one part of your life together is blossoming while the other is withering.
  • Share power rather than compete for it.
  • Generate the courageous conversations that help you. stay aligned.
  • Avoid blame and turn your complaints into requests.
  • Know  how to stay true to yourself and your beautiful yet complicated relationship at the same time, no sacrifice that morphs into resentment over time.
  • Be generous with your future by not over-scheduling your life at home or at work. Build in down time and nurturing, fun activites.
  • Get the professional support you need to be fulfilled at home and at work. You don’t have to do it alone.

Paul and Layne understand how much is at stake being in business together or seriously contemplating a move like that. It is vital to have professional and experienced counsel that is directed to taking care of all aspects of your relationship, personal and professional. It is such a relief when you know you have made the right decision to get help. But, looking for the right help can feel overwhelming at a time when you may already feel overwhelmed with challenges. But, the last thing you want to do is to wait too late, after your relationship is over-stressed.

Get the Support You Need for Lasting Success at Home and at Work

Paul and Layne want to help you get the support you need as quickly as possible. And because every relationship has its own particular dynamics, the best way is for them to speak with you. The way they do this is to have a private confidential conversation with each of you. You are different people and you each have a different perspective, perhaps different priorities. This way they can clarify exactly what you both need. You will also get a sense of how comfortable you feel with them and how they address your questions and concerns.

If you are combining your love life and your work life, or even just thinking about it, they invite you to have a confidential, no cost, no pressure 30-minute conversation to see if coaching is right or you and if there is a fit for you with their work.

In order to save time and have a focused conversation, you can click the link in this paragraph to be directed to a simple, safe and short online button below that will directed you to a simple, safe and short online Pre-Coaching Questionnaire. This will help you gather your thoughts and give them the basic information they need to be ready for your call. After they have read your questionnaire they will contact you within 3 days to schedule your consultation. On this call they will explain how they work and answer any questions you may have. After your consultation, should you decide to move forward, let Paul and Layne know so you can all discuss how you would like to set up your coaching sessions.

Once they receive you questionnaire, they will review it then contact you to schedule your individual consultations. After they have spoken with you and you choose to move forward, they will schedule your first couples session.

If you are not quite ready to fill out the application, that’s okay. They suggest  you read what some of their clients say about working with them.   Click Here for Testimonials   Over the last forty years thousands of people from all over the world have put their trust in Paul and Layne to help them through the rough spots in creating their vision for their relationship and sustaining it. In reading what others share you might find people in situations similar to your own. This will inspire a greater understanding of the possibilities and the confidence you need to move forward with Paul and Layne.

“I didn’t realize that there are certain skills that could dramatically affect the quality of my relationships. And 

learning those skills changed much of what was going on around me, not just from the romantic side and the family side, but from the business side.

“They have helped thousands and thousands and of individuals and couples and partnerships really understand what relationships, in any way, shape or form, are all about. They changed my life.”

T. Harv Eker - Author of NYT Bestseller, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 

“We look forward to speaking with you!”