Catching the Empyrean Vision

The production of Celebration! used the best parts of all of us. We slept less and loved harder and longer than we knew we could.

At the end of each event everyone felt completely used up, in the best kind of way. The team meeting at the end of each event always took place in our hotel sleeping room.

Exhausted and blissed out, we gathered on the floor propped up against a wall or compatriot, as we each shared our personal highlights from the weekend. Gales of laughter, tears of happiness and friendships that last till this day, fed our souls.

Half of the students from Celebration! joined us in the next IPEP. Somehow, the word had spread and we were getting inquiries from all over the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. People were moving to Hawaii to study with us.

Pamela Ney - 1979

Pamela Ney - 1979

With IPEP III, we added a Teachers Training to run along side it. Pamela Noyes was the instructor for the Teachers Training.

When we first started coming to Hawaii she had been the production manager for the Hawaii LRTs. Our friendship with her felt like it began lifetimes ago and in this lifetime it just picked up where it had left off before.

She has been our greatest support over the last 30 years. She was the one who would hold us when we wept from the fatigue of living at the edge of our capacities. She would shine the light when we felt we had lost our way. She was a soul partner in our Empyrean vision and her strength, commitment, heart and creativity were one of the strongest factors in the success of the Empyrean community.

There was an unexpected side effect from our little consciousness experiment on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. People met in our living room, fell in love, caught the Empyrean Vision and took our teachings out into the world. They went out two by two to the mainland and they taught six month programs and trained teachers, who then went out and started other programs and taught other teachers.

We have started thinking of it like generations in a family tree. Every once in a while we will get an e-mail from one of our “great, great, great grand children who are teaching programs patterned after ours. At last count, and that was ten years ago, there were programs in 13 cities around the world from Canada to England to Australia.

We have lost track of it all now. Though it would be nice to see a map of the Empyrean Family Tree, just to see how big it did grow. If you are a descendent from the Hawaiian Empyrean family we would love to hear from you.

Even though we were quite intentional in creating Empyrean and we certainly seemed to have had a vote in how it all turned out, mostly it felt like we were along for the ride, while a celestial hand rested on the tiller.

As our commitment to the Empyrean experiment and vision grew, we deepened the commitment in our own relationship by getting married. After four years of being together in a romantic and creative partnership we could hardly have imagined, we were married April 20, 1980, surrounded by family and our loving community. (You can see a few pictures of our wedding below.)

Yes, we are still married and the vision of a new humanity in communion with their own souls and joined on a common path of wisdom and heart still blazes in the core of our being. Naturally, we are still learning and growing ourselves. And what we taught then has been refined, codified and in some places outgrown.

Change is the nature of things. After Empyrean in Hawaii there were three more eras in our development as teachers.

We are now poised for the sixth era. We are excited and our commitment is being re-energized as we get ready for what feels like the biggest and most ambitious effort of our life.

Stay tuned for more . . .

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