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  • Do You Know the Five C’s of Co-Creation?

    The evolutionary edge for humanity is sharing power. As a species we are gradually moving from using our power in self-centered adversarial ways to sharing our collective power for the mutual benefit of everyone concerned. We are shifting form a paradigm characterized by me or them to me and them paradigm. We are just beginning […]

  • The Real Secret in The Secret

    When I was leading seminars and workshops at the beginning of my career in the mid ’70’s I would frequently ask participants to indicate by a show of hands how many were familiar with the notion that our thoughts are creative. Usually no one would raise their hands. And if there were hands raised, they were […]

  • How We Became Fallibilists . . .

    We love to learn and can always be found reading or watching something that adds to our understanding of people and the world. One of our favorite places to learn is with The Teaching Company. The Teaching Company audio and video tapes the very best university professors in the country. If you like to learn, […]