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  • How to Get What You Want in Your Relationships

    This week’s post is a recorded conversation between Paul and Layne, the first in a series of conversations entitled, 10 Key Abilities for Building Successful Relationships. In our work as relationship educators and coaches we hear all the time from men and women who feel they are not getting what they want in their relationships. And […]

  • Evolutionary Relationships in Action

      This post is short and immediately useful.​​Give yourself a reality check on your relationships . . . Are you practicing soulful relating as much as you could? We took a look at what practices have yielded the most value over our 38 years of practicing evolutionary relationships. We came up with our ten favorites. […]

  • Enriching Your Relationships – 3 of 10

        The Top Ten Habits for Successful Relationships #3 – Speak Your Truth Appropriately, Quickly, with Good Intention and Emotional Congruence >> Turn Up Your Speakers << Click Here to learn about our new Heart to Heart Talks Communication Program! We hope you are enjoying these videos! What are your thoughts about telling the […]