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What a Long, Strange Ride This Year Has Been!

Have you ever had the feeling of being hungry, but you don’t know what you want? Maybe you open the cupboard or the refrigerator and look at what’s on the shelves, hoping to see something and say, “That’s it, I’ll have that!” But, you don’t find anything you really want to eat. That’s how I […]

Paul’s Emergency Open Heart Surgery

Three weeks ago today, on June 29, Paul underwent emergency open heart surgery. Here’s what happened . . . On Saturday, June 25, at about 9am Paul walked into the bedroom from outside and started to feel dizzy. Layne was lazily sleeping beneath the covers and raised her head to say “Good morning,” just as he […]

Adapting to Change or Resisting It – Finding Your Choice Points

It’s June 1 and this is our first blog post of the year! It’s not our usual style to have such a lapse in communication with our readers, but there’s a good reason for it that we’ll touch on briefly. We find ourselves in the same place so many people are in now-a-days, looking at […]