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How Much Transformation Can You Squeeze Through a Phone Line?

Online learning! The Internet! Teaching over the phone in something called teleclasses. Modern technology was opening a whole new way for us to teach and share. The Internet was still in its infancy when we started exploring it as a new venue for education. We started our research and it became clearer and clearer how […]

Surfing the Waves of Change

We were ready for a new way of working. The question was how. We were living in this question with no clear answer. In other words we had again jumped into the void with only our spiritual guidance as a safety net. Have you been there before? We imagine you have. It seems no matter […]

The Way of Community

From the humble beginnings teaching a relationships course in our little tract home in San Diego grew what was to become the fourth era in our career together. This next phase as transformational teachers and relationship educators lasted about twelve years, from 1987 to 1999. Once again, we found community growing up around us, much […]

Cupid Lives at Our House

  While we were safely tucked inside our chrysalis we found access to a spiritual presence of wisdom, knowledge and peace that guides us to this day. As we communed with this presence we learned many new things. We can share a few here now. For one, without our knowing it our egos had extended […]

Our Great Undoing

Warning!!! We are ordinary people with a passion for solving relationship difficulties. We are curious people who have done our best to live full out and to help others along the way. We reserve the right to be “imperfect” according to others’ standards, so that we may continue our personal exploration of the Great Mystery. […]