Coaching Paul and Layne

Coaching with Paul and Layne

Paul and Layne offer new distinctions that open deeper truths for their clients. They coach their clients face to face, over the phone and on internet video. They took their private practice to the internet in 1999. With the advent of technology their private practice expanded to a global clientele. The transformation work they did in their private offices could now be facilitated virtually. For you, this means you can personally work with seasoned relationship experts in the privacy of your own home or office.

Paul and Layne are more than coaches. They are educators, authors, consultants, workshop leaders, ordained ministers, conflict resolution facilitators and practitioners of Energy Psychology. They are innovators in their field, with a keen eye on relationships as a sacred path of spiritual awakening. They synergize all these capacities for their private clients and students. The website you are visiting now is dedicated primarily to their private coaching practice focused on soulful romantic partnerships.

Getting the Help You Need

1. Coaching, simply put, involves asking powerful questions to generate self-reflection, new insight and new action.

2. Consulting elicits the source of challenges and problems and provides proven solutions tailored for you. They also serve as strategic partners to help their clients navigate difficult challenges in relational matters.

3. Education offers powerful distinctions, proven principles and training in practical application, both personally in private sessions as well as publicly in seminars and workshops. 
4. Emotional Renewal is essential for a sustained soulful connection. It frees people from painful emotions that cloud their ability to think clearly and respond wisely to difficult situations, not to mention the anguish that has blocked their sustained experience of happiness and fulfillment. Paul and Layne provide  healing practices that empower their clients to grow beyond feeling victimized by difficult situations. They coach their clients to take the kind of personal responsibility that empowers new actions. Then they gain the kind of freedom that releases a new creative power from deep within themselves to heal and reclaim a life of both serenity and passion. A new vision of what their life can be ignites and they feel the fullness of their life force pulling them forward.

Paul and Layne teach essential skills and coach their clients to synergize five different categories.

This fosters beautiful, fulfilling relationships brimming with vitality and dynamic, soulful strength.

How Paul and Layne Work with Their Clients

People come to Paul and Layne because they want help in their most important relationship. For most people this is their romantic partner.

To begin people fill out an online Pre-Coaching Application. It’s a short form that takes five to seven minutes to fill out. Then Paul or Layne review the application and if they sense they can help, they schedule an appointment by email.

The first conversation is dedicated to the interested party clarifying what their concerns are and how they would like to be supported. The conversation continues with questions and answers from both sides and then Paul or Layne will make some  recommendations.

The first conversation is the time for both the coach and the clients to discover if there is a fit between Paul and Layne’s expertise and what the client’s needs truly are. There is no fee for this conversation. It is complimentary.

If the clients are a couple each partner has their own private conversation with Paul or Layne. Then decisions need to be made about how to move forward. There are a variety of things to consider.

Are there any restrictions of time, budget, client willingness or geographical location (sometime couples aren’t always in the same country)? Are both people equally interested and ready for coaching? Do they have Internet skills or will the coaching happen over the phone? What does the curriculum need to include? If the client’s needs are complex they need to be prioritized. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered.

Paul and Layne confer privately and come up with a plan and make a few more recommendations. Sometimes Paul and Layne craft a written proposal, depending on the complexity of the issues. The plan may have several stages. Sometimes just a few sessions are scheduled to test the waters and see what will serve the clients best.

They offer a short Starter Program of four sessions, two couples’ sessions and one private coaching session for each over a month. This includes a skills assessment that clarifies the components for the clients assured success. This way the couple gets oriented to the coaching process and can evaluate how private coaching works for them.

Paul and Layne work together and separately. Usually they share the work with couples, Paul with one, Layne with the other. Though sometimes the couple will have all their sessions with one coach. There are a usually a combination of individual sessions and couples’ sessions depending on the curriculum design.

The clients decide if the plan is right for them and if it is, they move forward. Appointments are made financial arrangements are completed. Then a mutually agreed upon Memorandum of Understanding is signed and the work begins.

If the couple is in crisis the work moves at a faster pace. The appointments are scheduled closer together sometimes twice a week. Half-day virtual intensives are considered, or deep immersion private intensives where the clients meet face to face. Intensives last from 2 to 10 days. Sometimes this requires travel. Whatever is needed can be arranged.

Spiritual Psychology and Unconscious Relationship Patterns

One of the most important things for couples to understand is what creates their relationship to be exactly the way it is, with all of its love and all of its troubles. From a soul perspective, a purpose for your intimate relationship is to help you grow beyond the limitations of your ‘conditioned mind.’ When this happens, your Higher Self can guide you in how to respond with wisdom and guide your choices during difficult times. When you integrate this concept, and have had a bit of practice with it, you will find there is always a gift inside your conflicts and challenges waiting to be unwrapped.

Your conditioned mind is filled with all of the thoughts, feelings beliefs, interpretations memories and habits accumulated over your lifetime. All of these combined can generate unconscious patterns. People’s most important relationships are profoundly affected by unconscious patterns of thought, emotion and behavior. It’s is the primary cause of relationship pain and conflict. In intimate relationship, these patterns fit together. This means it is never one person’s fault if the relationship is challenging. There is always an equal learning opportunity.

Most people cannot observe their own patterns because the patterns live below the level of their conscious awareness. Paul and Layne are deft at spotting these patterns and bring a deep insight into the spiritual psychology causing them. They truly know what makes relationships tick. They have a talent for seeing beyond the obvious symptoms, recognizing the opportunities embedded in the symptoms, such as arguing, feeling disconnected, feeling misunderstood and unfilled. When you work with someone who can show you the source of your patterns and facilitate their release and resolution you get deeper, faster and lasting  results. Clear the cause and the painful symptoms disappear.

“Once you see how your patterns fit together, like cogs in a wheel, everything starts to get better very quickly. When the long awaited answer to your silent prayer, ‘Why does this keep happening to me?!’ finally arrives, you will breathe
a great sigh of relief.
~ Paul and Layne ~

Will New Skills and Practices Make a Difference?

A lot of what holds people back from expanding their capacity for love and the relational maturity needed for soulful relating is lack of skillful means. The desire is there, they just don’t know what to do or how to do it. With new skills, clients bounce back from difficulties with life changing insight. It’s one of the things Paul and Layne’s clients thank them for the most.

Skills in self-reflection, observing their interpretations when they get triggered, naming their patterns, supporting one another and speaking their truth from the heart instead of arguing, being able to re-build trust deeper than ever before, accessing their Higher Self wisdom for guidance in the moment and the list goes on.

These skills work like super powers that deliver more confidence in their relationship and with one another. No more feeling helpless and not knowing what to do. Rather than feeling like victims in life they are the co-creators of their life, with their Higher Power as senior partner. Clients stop blaming. And if they do fall into blame, they know it’s the wrong conversation and shift gears. They notice new choice points to use better skills that take them to the future they want instead. It makes all the difference in the world!

If you are an individual and want to learn new distinctions for living a soulful life and neutralize your unconscious patterns, as well as gain understanding and peace over any former relationship that may have ended badly.  Please click the link for Emotional Renewal in the drop down menu above under Coaching. It can help you heal your heart wounds and help you evolve beyond the suffering of your past. If you want your relationship to benefit from the experience of seasoned guides and inspired teachers on the path of soulful relating you can begin today.

If you are not quite ready to fill out the application, that’s okay. They suggest you read what some of their clients say about working with them.   Click Here for Testimonials   Over the last forty years thousands of people from all over the world have put their trust in Paul and Layne to help them through the rough spots in creating their vision for their relationship and sustaining it. In reading what others share you might find people in situations similar to your own. This will inspire a greater understanding of the possibilities and the confidence you need to move forward with Paul and Layne.

I came to Paul and Layne in the midst of a failing marriage, but my work with them has gone much beyond my expectations. I have gained such clarity and

empowering distinctions for not only my relationship with my wife, but my relationship with myself.

I have learned how to let go of what isn’t working and to focus on what I can offer to myself and to the world. In the past year, each significant relationship in my personal and professional life has seen major improvement. I feel like my heart and eyes have not only opened up to new possibilities but moved towards making new, incredible possibilities a reality!

Scott Blanchard – Principal and Executive VP – Blanchard Training & Development

“We look forward to speaking with you!”