H2H Communication Program Fulfillment

Heart to Heart Talks Communication Training Program

Layne and Paul

Layne & Paul

Congratulations and welcome to this unique, proven program that will help you dramatically improve the quality of your communication and relationships, starting with the very first lesson! We acknowledge you for having the foresight and wisdom to invest in yourself and the future of all your relationships.

This program is based on our book, Straight From the Heart – Build Trust and Understanding and the simple communication practice that helps you to consciously create deeper trust and understanding, Heart to Heart Talks.

This course consists of the six training and coaching modules. Each module contains the recorded training and handouts you need to gain new knowledge and how to put it to use in your life.

This is a self-study course that allows you to progress through the modules at your own pace. We recommend that you complete one module every week, or two at most. That includes listening to the teaching audio and using the handout for your fieldwork. Most people find this helps them move through the course at a comfortable pace and still make some rapid progress. If you are an enthusiastic learner and want to go deeper we have additional resources in each module for you to explore at your leisure.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy your journey through this program and we encourage you to go all the way. We know if you do that you’re communication and your relationships will be forever transformed!

Book & Audio Program

Click on the banners below to open modules

START HERE – Orientation and Getting Started Steps

Module 1 – Open Up to a Whole New World of Relating

Module 2 – Heart to Heart Talks in Action

Module 3 – Going Deep into the Heart of Healing

Module 4 – Getting Creative with Heart to Heart Talks

Module 5 – Getting Creative with Heart to Heart Talks

Module 6 – Pulling It All Together: The Way of Co-Creative Love

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