Couples Coaching

When people come to this page they often have recurrent issues in their relationship that they haven't been able to get beyond. Paul and Layne provide uncommon knowledge and practical skill and exercises to help them grow beyond this and create an extraordinary relationship.

People's most important relationships exist in unconscious patterns of thought, emotion and behavior. These patterns represent growth opportunities most people cannot see on their own, because they are unconscious. With their 40 years of experience working with thousands of people, Paul and Layne bring a deep insight into the cause of these patterns. They truly know what makes relationships tick. They have a talent for seeing beyond the obvious symptoms to the cause of those symptoms; such as arguing, feeling disconnected, feeling misunderstood, disconnected and unfilled. Working at the causal level generates deeper, faster and more lasting results.

Paul and Layne also coach couples through the challenges of starting and running a business in together. The excitement of working together as business partners, in addition to being marriage partners, puts added strain on the relationship. As creative and business partners running a seminar and training company since1977, Paul and Layne are well acquainted with those challenges and  how to overcome them while keeping the love alive in your marriage.

Paul and Layne also coach couples to optimize their relationship to be of service to the greater good of the world. They help couples learn how to honor their soul's impulse to co-create their future with a soulful perspective. They share the secrets they have learned to bring out the best in your partner and share power together, without power struggle. Knowing how to stay true to your deepest self in an intimate relationship is challenging for many. It wasn't modeled for most of us, so it can seem foggy or unreachable. Paul and Layne provide a detailed road map for successfully using your relationship as a spiritual path with a higher vision for what a romantic partnership  can be.

"We strongly believe in working with a relationship coach who can artfully and gently help you see your blind spots, to see where you may be living small or selling yourself short.

"Extraordinary relationships
don't just happen.

"They require effective action that cuts through the half-truths that keep you spinning your wheels. When you can see what will take you where you want to be, you can get on track and enjoy the life and relationship
you both yearn for.

"We can help you generate courageous conversations to bring out the best on one another to create your relationship as a beacon of love, strength, trust and fulfillment.

"Extraordinary people get
extraordinary results."

~ Paul and Layne ~

They have a knack for explaining complex dynamics in simple, easy to understand terms. They help their clients start making changes right away, even clients who have endured the same challenges for many years. Paul and Layne are also able to help people who have been discouraged working with therapists, counselors or coaches who have not been successful in resolving their issues.

Their clients want to understand why things have been the way they have been and what they can do to make it better. When people come to Paul and Layne they are ready to do the deeper work necessary to affect deep personal change and relationship harmony.

If you want to create a relationship that is mutually fulfilling, they can help you. If you are navigating a crisis, they can help you. If you are recovering from a difficult breakup, they offer new way of completing the past and moving  on. They can help you overcome fears, anxieties, intrusive thoughts and memories.  And if you want to intentionally create a better future for you and your loved ones, they can help you do that, too.

A lot of what holds people back from expanding their capacity for love and relational maturity is lack of skillful means. The desire is there, they just don't know how to do it. For example,  they do not yet know how to communicate through an upset so that it gets resolved. And not just resolved, but resoled with more trust and understanding than before. They are unable to see what each of them has going on that contributes to and perpetuates the problem.

It can seem so true that your partner is to blame, or you blame yourself. But, it's not about who is to blame. That's the wrong conversation. The 'blame conversation' is like toxic sludge pouring into your relationship. It closes your hear and interferes with a deep soulful perspective.

Intimate relationships can trigger powerful emotional pain, often because there is so much at stake. This means that even spiritual couples can bump into difficulties that take them to the limit of their own resources. Paul and Layne's work closes the gap between the way people's relationships currently are and their greatest hope for a soulful love, launching a powerful new beginning for their clients.


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There are four distinct aspects of the services you can expect from Paul and Layne:

Coaching  <>  Consulting <>  Education <>  Emotional Renewal

1. Coaching, simply put, involves asking powerful questions to generate self-reflection, new insight and new action.

2. Consulting elicits the source of challenges and problems and provides proven solutions tailored for you. We also serve as strategic partners to help our clients navigate difficult challenges in relational matters.

3. Education offers powerful distinctions, proven principles and training in practical application, both personally in private sessions as well as publicly in seminars and workshops. 
4. Emotional Renewal is essential for a sustained soulful connection. It frees people from painful emotions that cloud their ability to think clearly and respond wisely to difficult situations. Paul and Layne provide  healing practices that empower their clients to grow beyond feeling victimized by difficult situations. They coach their clients to take the kind of personal responsibility that empowers them to take action and create their relationships with more fulfillment and trust.

They have also developed a unique branch of Energy Psychology techniques they call Vibrational Re-Patterning that works in the brain and nervous system to neutralize and clear out the hidden neurological triggers that produce painful emotions. This work can deliver near instant and lasting relief so clients can learn what was holding them back and catapult them into greater personal power.

Paul and Layne teach essential skills and coach their clients to synergize five different categories.

This fosters a beautiful, fulfilling relationship brimming with dynamic soulful strength.

Michael Dowd
& Connie Barlow
NYT Bestselling Authors & Spiritual Activists

Paul and Layne's relationship work has been the most helpful we have found . . . 

We have found Paul and Layne's relationship healing and strengthening work to be the most significant and helpful we have ever encountered. In fact, their Heart to Heart Talks communication process is the major tool in our relationship toolbox for keeping our relationship a healthy, juicy and happy place!"