Coaching for Couples

Coaching for Couples

Couples come to Paul and Layne because there is a problem or they want to use their intimate relationship for their mutual spiritual evolution, sometimes both. When couples come to Paul and Layne they often have recurrent issues they haven’t been able to get beyond.

Intimate relationships exist in patterns of thought, emotion and behavior. These patterns represent growth opportunities most people can’t see on their own. Paul and Layne bring a deep insight into the causal level of relationships. They really know what makes relationships tick. They have a talent for seeing beyond the obvious symptoms to the cause of those symptoms. Working at the causal level generates faster and more lasting results.

They explain complex factors in simple terms, helping their clients start to make changes right away, even clients who have endured the same challenges for many, many years. Clients want to understand why things have been the way they’ve been and what they can each do to make it better. Couples come to Paul and Layne’s private practice because they are ready to do the deeper work necessary work to affect deep change.

Paul and Layne’s Clients Want

  • To feel closer, safer and more connected with one another
  • To be truly themselves when together
  • Ask for and receive what they want
  • Feel deeply heard and understood while feeling nurtured and empowered
  • Clear up misunderstandings more easily
  • Heal their pain and build intimacy
  • Change their problems into growth opportunities
  • Generate more self-acceptance while inspiring cooperation with their mate
  • Release tension in their relationship
  • To act as a team when things get tough
  • To make sure they don’t pass their problems on to their children
  • Create a strong, healthy relationship that empowers each of them to make a greater contribution to their community and the greater world in which they live

If these are the kinds of things you want to happen in your intimate partnership then Paul and Layne can help you do just that.

A lot of what holds most couples back from expanding their love together is lack of skillful means. Their desire is there, they just don’t know how to do it. They don’t know yet know how to communicate through an upset so it gets resolved with more trust and understanding than before. They don’t see what each of them has going on that contributes to the problem. It really looks like the other is to blame or they blame themselves, which closes their heart because of guilt or sorrow.

Intimate relationships can trigger unwanted emotional reactions more powerfully than casual relationships. There is more at stake. This means that even spiritual couples can bump into difficulties that challenge their spiritual ideals.

Paul and Layne’s first book, Straight from the Heart, is based on the idea that “truth is love’s doorway.” When couple can stay connected to their higher power while speaking and listening with a quiet mind they have deeper conversations. These conversations lead to greater spiritual wisdom. Powerful spiritual ideas take root in their shared experience, transforming concepts into a real life capacity for illumination and heartfelt surrender and trust. This is deeply healing and accelerates personal and spiritual evolution. It also rekindles hope, passion and resolve. It makes the impossible seem attainable.

There are a few ways to get started with Paul and Layne:

  1. ​You can have a complimentary Pre-Coaching Session to discuss possibilities. Click Here to get a Pre-Coaching Application for a session with either one of them.
  2. Click one of the cover icons to the right to check out their online training programs.
  3. You can get the Skills Self-Assessment Program. It includes coaching sessions, a special report on the Five Stages of Soulful Relating, their e-book on the New Future of Your Relationships and a proposal for a custom designed curriculum that fits your specific needs. Click Here to find out more.
  4. You can come to Asheville, NC for a Custom Private Intensive. Click Here to learn more.

​Thank you for stopping by and exploring possible ways to optimize you intimate relationship. Paul and Layne understand what a big choice it is and how much trust is involved in making a commitment to it. It requires trust with your partner and trust in Paul and Layne’s competence. If you don’t know that much about them, perhaps the testimonials from previous clients will answer your questions.

​What People Say About Couples Coaching

I came to Paul and Layne in the midst of a failing marriage, but my work has gone much beyond my relationship. I have gained such clarity and distinction on not only my relationship with my wife, but my relationship with myself.

I have learned how to let go of that which is not working and to focus on what I can offer to myself and to the world. In the past year, each significant relationship in my personal and professional life has seen major improvement. I feel like my heart and eyes have not only opened up to new possibilities but moved towards making new, incredible possibilities a reality!

Scott Blanchard
Principle & Senior Executive – The Ken Blanchard Companies

My husband and I are experiencing our relationship on a whole new level we never thought possible. We are both committed to telling the truth in the moment, and we discuss what is going on (not react and fight) until we get through it. This is an amazing change for us. We don’t take this change for granted, but notice and acknowledge each other every time we are able to discuss something honestly the way we never could before.

Deborah Haygood
Executive Assistant