Creating Powerful Partnerships – Part 5: Using Your Partnerships for Conscious Evolution

What does Conscious Evolution mean? In part, it means that you are evolving. Your experience of yourself is evolving. Who you are now is in the process of becoming something even greater than who you are in this present moment and you can participate knowingly in this process.

There is greatness in you being called forth. Your partnerships are the womb of this greatness. You are like the caterpillar that goes into a chrysalis to become the butterfly. Your partnerships are the place where you evolve into the best you that you can be.

Recognizing that your partnerships provide you with a powerful opportunity for your personal and spiritual growth, you can truly take advantage of the opportunities present in your partnerships if you share a commitment to use your relationship with each other for your mutual growth and evolution.

Like this:

  • when you practice high performance communication,

  • when you know where you are within the five stages of partnership,

  • when you are using a proven model to consciously design your partnership to be the way you want it to be,

  • when you can use your present time upsets to help you resolve your unresolved issues from the past, and you and your partner have an agreement to be allies with each other in bringing out the best in one another,

  • then you are practicing conscious evolution and living in a powerful partnership.

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