by Layne Cutright​

Our eyes met suddenly as we felt like a tractor beam was pulling us forward into some unknown pulsing energy of sacred love. Destiny's hand installed a homing beacon in our chests. It had an ancient familiar feeling, but it only lasted a couple of minutes. We barely knew one another and neither of us had ever felt anything like it, yet it felt like a sacred love. It certainly got our attention and it forever changed the trajectory of our lives. From then on all our choices were determined by the new homing beacon we felt in our chests.


We are Layne and Paul Cutright and we are pleased to meet you.

Following this momentous experience we were both joined in a powerful curiosity about it. What was it? What generated it? What limited it? What was the practical value of such an exalted experience? How could we get back to it and stay there? It felt infinite and creative in ways we were yet to learn. We were gripped by a powerful yearning to know and understand more.

Our new fascination claimed us as students of love in all its different forms; romantic, friendship, creative partnerships, teacher and student, marriage, parent and child, business relationships, communities and the list goes on. It felt like this energy could be part of anything that humans involve themselves with, even ideas or projects. It was in 1976 that we shared this spontaneous, catalytic event.

The hidden workings of what cause relationships to be the way they are, was unveiled to us.

A couple of years later, in our late twenties, we had become relationship trainers and spiritual explorers. We decided to engage in an experiment in dramatic personal transformation with the intention to evolve to a state of Christ Consciousness. Yep, we had the kind of spiritual ambition only young, naïve enthusiasts can muster! And the measure for whether we were on track was the living memory of that moment when Destiny’s hand had momentarily lifted us out of our ordinary reality.

It wasn’t long before others joined us in our experiment and we created a new six month deep immersion training called The Intensive Personal Evolution Program, or IPEP for short. Each member of the group met for 20 hours every week for six months. It was a big investment of time and emotional and mental focus.

The first program had eight people in it and the second had fourteen. During the third program we created a Teacher Training Program. A dimension of love began to emerge in all our relationships with one another and a variety of extraordinary phenomena occurred. It was so new to all of us. It was as if we were the first to discover fire.

As a group we were all learning so much. The hidden workings of what cause relationships to be the way they are, was unveiled to us. Quickly, it was crystal clear. We could see the patterns of belief and emotion that fit together like pieces of a multidimensional jigsaw puzzle. Distinguishing these patterns and being able to recognize them in our own minds gave us tremendous power to change them. We learned to shape the contours of our inner world so we could enjoy a different quality of relating. We had entered a rarified sphere of human relatedness.

We learned how our group was a classroom jointly created by all our souls. The curriculum was designed for our personal learning and group awakening. Again and again we witnessed how when any one of us changed our feelings and beliefs about trust and intimacy, an opening for greater depth occurred in the whole group. It was exhilarating. We were all fully engaged in discovering the power of intentional love to transform lives.

We learned to shape the contours of our inner world so we could enjoy a different quality of relating.

As people joined us from far off places, a gathering of kindred spirits grew around our seminar business in the Hawaiian Islands. Somehow, word was getting out about what we were up to, and the scope of our experiment started to grow beyond Hawaii.

Looking back we can see that the miraculous had become ordinary to us, simply by recurrence. Two by two our students coupled up and then felt the urge to spread this vision of a new way of human relating. They left the islands to start their own communities of discovery and healing. It hadn’t been our plan, it just started happening. And as we look back, it is clear it was guided by a divine hand.

Thirty eight years later our journey continues on with no end in sight. It has been a long and exciting journey, filled with tears and triumphs. Many have joined us on the path and some have gone their separate ways but, in the last ten years we have met many, many others who have had very similar experiences of transcendent love between couples and in groups.

This new heart centered connection is lush with new possibilities for what it means to be a human being. A new quality of life and relationships is opening up for people all over the world. Kindred spirits are forging new ways of honoring our inter-connectedness and we are looking at one another with evolutionary eyes.

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