Couples Making a Difference

Couples Who Want to Make a Difference

Couples who choose to make a difference have a calling. When a couple has a strong, vibrant relationship brimming over with love, it is natural for that love to be dedicated to something more than their own fulfillment. Historically, that vital creative force has been focused on raising a family together. But times have changed and something new is emerging for couples around the world.

This call has a feeling that comes with it. It’s a passionate, sometimes illogical connection to some invisible force that is doing more than beckoning. It’s more seductive than that.

Sometimes, it even feels like it is commanding you to act. It’s like a tractor beam pulling you forward on behalf of something greater than yourselves.

It is an energy that can’t be ignored. It has you and it is pulling you near, unlike anything else you have ever felt. It’s like being in love, only it’s not with a person. Sometimes it can be an idea, a social movement, an artistic expression or a specific organization. The options are endless.

Paul and Layne have long history of coaching and mentoring couples with a larger purpose. They believe deeply that couples who are filled with noble purpose, who want to build big dreams together, should be working with a guide or mentor, who knows the territory and who can generate powerful conversations that support them in being true to themselves individually and as a couple as they work for a greater good. Why? Because there are invisible and mysterious causal factors that create your relationship. And sometimes these unseen factors have the power to sabotage your best intentions.

When a couple wants to work together to soulfully create ‘something’ Paul and Layne call it “Co-Creation”. They have been exploring, researching and teaching the art of Co-Creation for four decades. It is what has made them successful in their romantic and professional relationship.

They understand the laws, principles, distinctions and skills necessary to be effective and fulfilled on a path of sharing power in order to serve at a higher level. If you and your partner coach with them, not only will you be  more successful in your noble cause, you will also be more fulfilled in your romantic relationship.

“Relationships exist as a painful mystery for most people. 

But, when people realize relationships aren’t something you try to control,

they are a space-of-possibilities that you nurture ~

everything changes for the better.

Relationships are Gardens of Potential

The way Paul and Layne help you think about your relationship is that it is not necessarily the person you are relating with, it is more like a garden of potential that arises out of your interactions and intentions. This dynamic-force you create with the people you are connected to, is more like an ever-changing garden, that responds to many invisible elements that you can’t see with your bodies eyes. You may not be able to see the invisible part. But, you can sure taste it when you bite into the fruit.

When you play with the idea that your relationship with your partner is a garden, you also start to learn that the ‘taste’ of the fruit grown in your garden is determined by what you bring to the garden. Just as in a vegetable or flower garden, what grows depends on the seeds you plant and how they are nurtured and looked after and whether there is enough sun, water or nutrients available to it.

The quality of your relationships is determined by your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and memories, especially about love, trust, power and success. Also, by the quality of the conversations you generate together and the emotional mood that is developed over time. Is there trust, respect, curiosity and loyalty? If not, there are some new and non-obvious places you will need to explore to find the real answers.

Some of these unseen forces are relationship patterns. You may be aware of some of them, but usually dis-empowering patterns work below the level of your awareness,

affecting your perceptions and your emotional reactions. These patterns can affect who and what you are attracted to, they can affect your relationship with your noble purpose. They determine whether you will succeed or fail.

Paul and Layne teach and coach their clients to acquire the mindset, principles and skills necessary to succeed for their partnership over the long term with all its ups and downs and surprises along the way. It’s common knowledge that when you create a business, you need to have a well thought out business strategy. People and companies pay big bucks to plan for the success of their business. If you’re a couple who work together you also need a relationship strategy for success. And Paul and Layne can help you create it.

In a short nugget of an idea, relationships don’t just happen to you. You are creating them all the time, whether you know it or not. Paul and Layne can teach you how to consciously create your soulful partnership with one another as a couple and balance it with your noble cause.

Paul and Layne support couples in playing full out, being true to themselves, bringing out the best in one another, rising above their petty complaints and contributing to the greater good in ways that fulfill them and strengthen their romantic partnership. Their clients fall more in love with one another and the life they share together. Soulful relationships are juicy. And the people who live in them are fully alive!

If this is something you want for your relationship, you may want to consider learning about Paul and Layne’s mentoring and coaching programs. They understand how inspiring and important it is to have a vision for making a difference together.

They also know that inspiration is not enough to sustain that vision into a full blown manifestation of that vision. Inspiration is wonderful but it can be compared to kindling used to start a fire. For the fire to turn into a blaze it needs more than just kindling, it needs wood.

“The quality of your relationship is determined 
          by the quality of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings
                    and memories about love, trust, power and success.”

Get the Support You Need

Paul and Layne want to help you get the support you need as quickly as possible. And because every relationship has its own particular dynamics, the best way is for you to speak with them. The way they do this is to have a complimentary, no cost, no pressure, 30 minute confidential conversation with each of you. You are different people and you each have a different perspective and perhaps different priorities. This way they can clarify exactly what you both need. You will also get a sense of how comfortable you feel with them and how they address your questions and concerns.

In order to save time and have a focused conversation, you can click the link in this paragraph to be directed to a simple, safe and short online button below that will directed you to a simple, safe and short online  Pre-Coaching Questionnaire. This will help you gather your thoughts and give them the basic information they need to be ready for your call. After they have read your questionnaire they will contact you within 3 days to schedule your consultation. On this call they will explain how they work and answer any questions you may have. After your consultation, should you decide to move forward, let Paul and Layne know so you can all discuss how you would like to proceed.

Once they receive your application they will review it then contact you to schedule your individual consultations. After they have spoken with you and you choose to move forward, they will schedule your first couples session.

If you’re not quite ready to fill out the application, they suggest you read what some of their clients say about working with them.   Click Here for Testimonials   Over the last forty years thousands of people from all over the world have put their trust in Paul and Layne to help them through the really rough spots in creating  their vision for their relationship. In reading what some of them share you might find people in situations similar to yours that will inspire the confidence you need to move forward with Paul and Layne.

“One of our most amazing experiences was meeting Paul and Layne in 1980

Paul and Layne showed us that it was possible to have a successful, conscious relationship because they lived what they taught. We attribute our success in our personal and professional partnership to Paul and Layne’s teaching skill, the invaluable tools we learned and the unconditional love and support we received from them.

Our success in business is grounded in the principles we learned from Paul and Layne.”

Dennis & Diane Jennings

“We look forward to speaking with you!”