Enriching Your Relationships Series – 2 of 10



The Top Ten Habits for Successful Relationships

#2 – Listen without Interrupting or Being Distracted and Respond with Sincerity

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We hope you are enjoying these videos! What are your thoughts about listening as discussed in this video? Please let us know what your own experiences have been.

4 responses to “Enriching Your Relationships Series – 2 of 10”

  1. Thank you once again. It is a great reminder to being a good listener. It really helps me to stay present with who ever I’m communicating with.


  2. Wow…I am grateful for Series 2. I have not mastered the art of good listening. Even when I think I am a good listner; I have so much dialogue going on in my head. I am happy for this refresher. Thank you! Terrie

  3. Hey Alison — thanks for your comment about the value you received from our communication training. We’re glad it’s still working for you and that you enjoyed this video refresher!

    Love — P&L

  4. Ummm, loved the refresher on this topic. I remember well the teaching on how to cultivate listening skills when I took your programs. Indeed, learning how to ‘listen’ well has been of bennefit to me in all my relationships, especially with clients. Thank you so much for sharing the wealth of your work in this series.

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