Are You an Evolutionary?

Are You an Evolutionary?

Do you dedicate some of your time to gaining more self-awareness and spiritual attunement? Does the possibility of a new vision for humanity stir your soul? Do you feel called to a future where power struggle and economic hardship have given way to an unprecedented era of cooperation and visionary thinking? Is there a place in your imaginings where people have the time and freedom to develop their soulful talents into a higher expression of what it is to be a human being? If you do, then you are an evolutionary.

As you go through your life are you noticing that everything seems to be increasingly connected? Was it always so and we just didn’t see it? Or, are the ways we are all connected getting more complex and stronger so they are more easily observed? We think it is both.

A new globalization is occurring. It is becoming commonplace for people from vastly different cultures to cross paths with one another in some way, either through social media or new business alliances. This is affecting how we work, how our families stay connected, how we collaborate with those from different cultural backgrounds and it calls for new social agreements that haven’t been discovered yet. This can lead to new problems in relationships and new problems call for new knowledge and skillful means.

That’s where we come in. We are evolutionary relationship educators and have been since 1977.

Most of us are able to observe the change in our social environments, but there is also a lot of change happening within people that isn’t discussed that much yet. And that is an emerging capacity for people to connect with their own souls, to access a different wisdom that takes them beyond the survival needs that require them to struggle for power or money or prestige. This soulful connection has lain dormant for most of the human species and it is now awakening. This soulful way of being in the world is not just relegated to monasteries; it is starting to thrive in the market place. Our talent is to nurture this capacity in you and to help you give it greater expression in the quality of your relationships.

Evolutionaries are drawn to looking into this opportunity head on. Clearly it’s no longer an issue of me or them, now it has to be all of us together, generating more harmony and cooperation along the way. This is a huge paradigm shift for humanity to be making and it is a privilege to participate with this dynamic shift.

We see how the current crisis in personal and family relationships, cultural differences and political issues are revealing the underlying evolutionary growth spurt in humanity. It shows up in our everyday way of being in the world and in relationship with our fellows. We see a new capacity to interpret life circumstances from a higher more soulful perspective. And this new perspective is on its knees begging us to change our ways. It’s not enough to “see” it differently; we are required to “create” it differently.

Because we have been studying human consciousness and how it reflects in relationship problems, we are keenly aware of all the personal choice points that go into navigating a path to relational fulfillment. And we also see how humanity as a whole is just now learning to navigate its choice points.

People can be blind to how they are responsible for the quality of their personal relationships and so they persist in casting blame rather than learning how to think differently. Many people don’t see a connection with the deeper current of their beliefs, values, thoughts and feelings and how all of that informs their everyday choices.

Likewise humanity needs to observe the deeper currents that inform its choices, the ones that determine the collective future. We can choose to take better care of the future or we can bury our heads in the sand and pretend we aren’t accountable. But if we want to influence the future we will have to learn to think from a new place and participate from a new place.

We see that the fundamental challenge of humanity and the overwhelming challenges we face today, is a challenge of relationship. Regardless of race, religion, nationality or culture, as human beings we all have much more in common than different. If we are to survive in the long term, we need to quickly evolve beyond our inborn prejudices and perceived differences to find the common path that will insure our cooperation to create a sustainable future

For us, we see a new hallmark of relationship success emerging as an enrichment of authentic care and sharing power rather than competing for it. We are all being asked to think bigger and to consider longer time horizons. To reconsider how the choices we make now will affect the quality of life for humanity long after our lifetime. We are all creating the future. It is time to do it with deeper wisdom and more skillful means.

If you see there is room for you to grow in your relationships at home, at work and in community we invite you to consider our five part curriculum for evolutionary relationships.

  1. Soulful Communication
  2. Enlightened Conflict Resolution
  3. Emotional Healing and Well-Being
  4. Consciously Co-Creating Harmonious Relationships
  5. Attuning to and Deepening a Personal Relationship with One’s Own Soul

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