Take Time to Feed Your Soul

What Does Your Soul Want?

The busy-ness, distractions and unceasing time demands of our stressful, high tech lives takes a toll. Do you sometimes find it challenging to simply stop and get away from all of that?

Given the focus on celebration with family, friends and loved ones the ordinary stresses of life become multiplied.

It's absolutely essential to having a life well-lived to create the time to renew, recharge and reconnect with what is truly important to you. And it has to be intentionally created or it will never happen.

What if connecting with your own Soul, your Higher Self, your own Divine Nature, away from all the stress that normally goes with the holidays became a priority? A gift to yourself? How could you do that? How does it feel just thinking about it?

How might it help you if you did? Does that sound attractive? Difficult? Impossible? What does your Soul truly value? What does it want? How can you feed your Soul?

These are important questions to contemplate. There are no quick answers. It takes quiet time away from schedules, demands and perceived responsibilities, many of which are self-imposed.

What are your  thoughts about this?

We value your comments, so please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. We really want to know . . .


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