Join me in a Special Support Session

Release the Grip of Fear & Uncertainty
Embrace Strength & Resilience

  What to expect:
  •  Invocation to open an empowered space for our time together. 
  •  A conversation to explore empowering ways of interpreting the pandemic.  
  •  Time to share thoughts & feelings. 
  •  "Energy work" work to help you get into "right relationship" with your fears.

Sign up below to register for a  COMPLEMENTARY 
60-90 minute "mental and emotional renewal" session. NOTE: This is a gift from my heart to yours. I will not be making you an offer for you to buy anything!

Thursday April 9, 2020
12 Noon Pacific - 3 pm Eastern

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 We are facing a spiritual opportunity to

open our hearts and minds to accept a

higher octave of love and power.

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