Our Growing Edge as Human Beings

by Paul & Layne Cutright​

We have been deeply steeped in a conversation of personal evolution for close to forty years. The idea, the practices, the vison of it has been our “true north” in all facets of our life. Being evolutionary relationship educators defines one of the biggest parts of us, as individuals and a couple.

For us, the “tipping point” of humanity’s evolution is our collective capacity to feel our connection to the greater whole. It is one thing to embrace this conceptually, it is quite another to hold the aliveness of it in our hearts in our everyday relating with others. Our relationships with life and other people reveal where we truly are in our personal and mutual development. Where we invest our time, our money, our caring and our intellectual bandwidth says a lot about who we want to become.


Here is something we found recently, while strolling the evolutionary trail. It reminded us of the greater whole of which we are all apart in a beautiful, soul touching way. We want to share it with you. We hope you check it out. It’s a 3 minute clip about a new film being made.

It’s called Continuum by Planetary Collective. It’s beautiful, thoughtful and expansive. It’s an invitation to something that may nourish your soul. We hope so.

​Please let us know in the comment section below how this video impacted you, your thinking, your feelings.

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