H2H Talks Coaching Program

Heart to Heart Talks Coaching Program

 Online Training Program with Couples Coaching for Building (or Rebuilding) Trust, Understanding & Authentic, Heartfelt Connection 

with Paul and Layne Cutright

You can learn exceptional communication skills and practices for creating more trust, safety, understanding and a deeper, more fulfilling spiritual connection
with the people you care about most 

How might your life and relationships be different if communication was no longer a source of upset for you . . . but instead produced more understanding, trust, safety and a
deeper, more fulfilling emotional and spiritual connection?

Successful communication is absolutely essential for success in relationships of any kind. Breakdowns in communication are usually the first step toward more serious breakdowns in relationships that can sometimes be irreparable. Just because we have all grown up knowing how to speak does not automatically mean that we know how to communicate effectively. Especially when it comes to sharing our deepest feelings, offering our cherished opinions, coordinating action with others . . . or simply listening.

Learning to communicate effectively is one of the single most important, practically useful skills anyone can develop.

We’re delighted that you’re curious about how to use communication to create deeper relationship harmony! If you want to find out how your relationships can be an oasis of love, trust and fulfillment, we invite you to stick around and check out what we have here. So, let’s jump right in, shall we?

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You avoid talking about things you know you should because you’re afraid it will hurt someone’s feelings or cause an upset.
  • You sometimes feel like you’re ‘walking on eggshells’ in your relationships.
  • You can sometimes get uncomfortable receiving “too much” attention.
  • You sometimes feel like people just don’t listen to you.
  • You often have trouble asking for what you want.
  • You believe that the ‘truth hurts’, so it’s better to just keep quiet.
  • You (or someone you know) avoids intimacy.
  • Do you have trouble finding the right words to express your thoughts and feelings?
  • Either you (or someone you know) use “the silent treatment”.
  • You face difficult relationships and communication situations at work or at home.
  • You have experienced all or some these situations in the past and you know how much it hurts.

If you resonate with any of these situations, we want you to know that you’re in the right place. And we know how you feel because we’ve been there, too.

The truth is, you wouldn’t even be reading this if some part of you wasn’t longing for deeper trust and connection in your relationships with the people you care about.

You want more and you can have more!

Deep caring for someone, even falling in love, doesn’t automatically grant you great partnership skills. It’s not your fault if your communication and relationships are not everything you have hoped for. Maybe you would like to do something about it, but you just haven’t known what steps to take or where to go. Or maybe you’ve tried some courses, coaches or therapists that haven’t lived up to your expectations.

Maybe you’ve been working on yourself to grow and evolve and to claim the best life you have ever envisioned, but you feel a bit stalled in the process. Your life and relationships just aren’t at the level you hoped they would be by now.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

You’re sitting in a restaurant and you see a couple sitting at a table staring past each other into space, barely speaking, if at all, throughout their entire meal. Their bodies are together, but even from across the room you can feel the chill of the emotional chasm between them.

It makes you wonder what could have happened in their relationship to bring them to this depth of emptiness in which they are so disconnected from each other. Or maybe one or  both of them have their eyes glued to their smart phone, oblivious of one another, lost in a disconnected digital world. 

And you hope that soon everything will get back to normal . . . but this is normal now, and it hurts.

It happens in all relationships at one time or another. And the longer it goes unaddressed or talked about, the more frequent it can become. The Heart to Heart Talks Communication Coaching Program is actually more than just another communication course. It illuminates the art and science of language to not only foster authentic, heart-centered soulful relating, it also shows you how you can intentionally create a positive, desirable future for your relationships.

Let us show you how,

Layne and Paul

We’ve been working with clients and students since 1977. We have also shared a romantic relationship all this time (yes, we’re still in love!), as well as a professional and creative partnership. In this program you will learn the communication skills that are primarily responsible for the success we have enjoyed in all aspects of our relationship.

No matter where you are in your relationships, Paul & Layne can take you to the next level and beyond. Heart to Heart Talks are a powerful and practical skill that will open new dimensions of love and trust in any relationship.

Debbie Ford, Bestselling Author – The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and 
The Secret of the Shadow

Debbie Ford

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