H2H Thank You

Heart to Heart Talks Communication Training Program
with Paul and Layne

Thank you and Congratulations!

You have made an excellent choice to take your communication and relationships to a whole new level! We are delighted for you!

Below is the link for your Heart to Heart Talks Communication Program:

Your password to access the program is – authenticity. Please keep both the link and password in a safe place as this is for your eyes only. 

As you get into the program you may feel that you would like personal coaching from either of us to support you further. If that is the case, send us an e-mail to evolve @ https://paulandlayne.com and we can have a 20 – 30 minute exploratory conversation to determine together what that might look like. Those who choose to do coaching usually do a series of six sessions to accompany the sessions of the program.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the program and that you find the results that so many others have, also!

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