How to Get What You Want in Your Relationships

This week's post is a recorded conversation between Paul and Layne, the first in a series of conversations entitled, 10 Key Abilities for Building Successful Relationships.

In our work as relationship educators and coaches we hear all the time from men and women who feel they are not getting what they want in their relationships. And they feel frustrated about it. In this episode we talk about a little known way to more easily get what you want in your relationships. You might be surprised!


In your own relationships, have you ever felt that others have been demanding with you when asking for what they want? Or, conversely, have you ever felt reluctant to ask for what you want, perhaps fearing that you won't get what you're asking for, and so your request comes off with a kind of demanding energy?

All too often people make their requests almost as a demand, underneath which is an unconscious feeling or belief that they don't really deserve to have what they want, much less to ask for it. You will learn about making requests that inspire the cooperation of others, which is definitely an artform of mindfulness!

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Length - 10 minutes

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