Coaching for Individuals

What Is Individual Coaching?

The truth, is Paul and Layne are more than coaches. In the strictest sense, coaches help people clarify and create their future. Consultants solve problems. And mentors, as defined by Webster’s, are wise and faithful counselors. All these terms describe what Paul and Layne are to their clients.

Paul and Layne’s specialty is Relationship Coaching. Relationships affect almost every part of a person’s life. Their relationship with themselves and others. Their relationship with money and success. Their relationship to their childhood and their relational maturity. Their relationship to challenges and opportunities. Relationship coaching touches into multiple facets of a person’s life.

All people have a relationship with the world around them and the groups they belong to. We each have a relationship with our emotions, our body, our creativity, and our ambitions. Paul and Layne help their clients get into what they call “right relationship” with all these various aspects of what it is to be a healthy, self-realized human being. Living becomes a process of flourishing and expanding awareness.

Depending on their client’s goals Paul and Layne bring their experience of 35 plus years of training and coaching to the fore. If there is a specific problem, they help their clients gain a deeper insight into it and then they apply their expert advice to show them how to solve it.

They teach their client’s new skills, helping them grow beyond recurrent issues that frustrate their attempts at optimizing their life. Whether that issue is feeling connected to others in a fulfilling way, sabotaging affinity and intimacy or sharing power instead of struggling for it. And then, they coach them in mastering these skills.

They teach skills & coach their clients in six general categories.

  1. Communication
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Emotional Health & Well Being
  4. Personal Development & Spiritual Evolution
  5. Collaboration & Co-Creating with Others
  6. Soul Communion & Practical Intergration

    Paul and Layne can help you overcome fears, anxieties, intrusive thoughts and memories. If you want to create better relationships that are mutually fulfilling, they can help you. If you are navigating a crisis they can help you. If you are recovering from a difficult breakup they offer new ways of completing the past and moving on. If you want to intentionally create a better future for yourself, they can help you do that, too.

    How Does It Work?

    How Would I Get Started?

    How Much Does It Cost?

    ​YES! I Want A Complimentary Pre-Coaching Session

    If what you have read here strikes a cord with you we invite you to schedule a complimentary 20 minute Pre-Coaching Conversation with either Paul or Layne.

    Click Here to download and fill out the Pre-Coaching Application and e-mail it to evolve@ Either Paul or Layne will respond within 24 to 48 hours to schedule your session.

    What Others Say About Working with Paul and Layne​

    Masterful at their craft, Layne and Paul are two of THE VERY BEST at getting to the core of relationship-oriented issues, be it with God, self or others. I know because I began working with them in 1982, following a divorce which I ‘thought’ was the reason for my upset.

    Unbeknownst to me, it was merely a ‘symptom’ of deeper issues which, without their keen perception and heart-felt loving guidance, could have gone unnoticed. If that had happened, I doubt that I would be here today, as the emotional pain locked within me would have been to great to tolerate. They are definitely worth checking out.

    Alison Elliot
    Hospice Counselor

    Being a transformational coach, I rarely meet colleagues that I refer out to. Paul, you are the exception.

    The space you hold for me, both professionally and personally, is masterful, effective and effortless. It shines from your being, your experiences, and your heart of consciousness. There are few people I could trust with the complexities of my life who could mentor me through the spiritual issues, the psychological issues, the lifestyle and health issues, and relationship issues, and have it all make sense, after the anvil of catastrophic illness makes its mark.

    You are the consummate guide through uncertainty, darkness, and through unimagined loss. I heartily recommend you to anyone facing the trauma of personal change, that they never saw coming, or thought they would never have to encounter.

    With the deepest gratitude, Andrew

    Andrew Delany
    Transformational Coach

    Working with Layne has been one of the best investments of my time — EVER! As a teacher and coach, Layne embodies a unique combination of decades of professional experience with a curiosity and respect for the sacred and divine in each of us.

    For me, this has created the most personally-tailored coaching I have ever experienced, making our sessions together always insightful, often educational and more than worth the investment of my time and money.

    With her loving guidance I have been able to unravel decades of self-sabotaging patterns of behavior in a few short months, and begun to weave a strong and beautiful new foundation of beliefs and actions that will undoubtedly affect all my relationships and life decisions in powerful and positive ways from this moment forward.

    Robert Mott
    Graphic Designer, Musician, Composer