Is This You?

Is This You?

You are a person who values relationships even though your relationships may not always be as fulfilling as you would like. Possibly you have been in therapy or personal coaching to work on relationship issues. You may also have attended personal development workshops, seminars or retreats.

Yet, you may feel that something is missing, but you aren’t quite sure what that is. And still, you have not given up hope.

People coach with us for a lot of different reasons. Usually because there is a gap between what they want in their heart of hearts and what is actually going on now. We help our clients close that gap. If you are navigating a crisis we can help you. If you are recovering from a difficult breakup, we offer new ways of completing the past and moving on into new possibilities. And if you want to intentionally create a better future for you and your loved ones, we can help you do that, too.

Below we describe typical situations of people who come to us. There is a wide range of situations that we work with, so if you see yourself or your situation below you may want to consider contacting us for a no cost, no pressure, no obligation conversation to explore the possibilities and see if we can help. 

We begin with the most challenging situations first because if this is you, you probably don’t want to waste your time reading through less serious scenarios to find out if we even address what you are experiencing.

We know that seeking relationship support is a big choice. There is a lot at stake. In order to help us serve you best, go ahead and click the banner below that best describes your current situation or concerns.​

1. CLICK HERE – if you’re in a crisis and you don’t want to wait until it’s  too late

2. CLICK HERE – if you have a specific issue you want support with

3. CLICK HERE – if you want a deeper spiritual connection in your relationships