Letters from God – #1

What Would You Like "God" to Say to You?

We've been preparing for a move, which means going through boxes and files and papers and more that have been in storage. Some of them going waaay back! You know how that is, you come across things you definitely want to let go of and wonder why you still have it! And you also find long forgotten treasures from times past.

Such has been the case for us. And we want to share  something with you from our very distant past when we lived in Hawaii. That was where, in 1978, we created a deep immersion six-month program called the Intensive Personal Evolution Program (IPEP). This program met 20 hours a week for the duration of the program. For our student it was the equivalent of a part time job!

One of the central tenets of IPEP was that we each have our own direct connection with the Divine; God, Goddess, Nature, the Great Mystery or however you conceive of it. The thrust of the program was to make that an ever present and practical reality for the students. 

Towards the end of the program they received an assignment to write a ‘letter from God’ to themselves. They would be observing themselves and their life from the highest possible perspective, and from that place, communicating in their own words what they most wanted and needed to hear.

And now we would like to share some of those letters with you here in our blog over the next little while.

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Dear Peter,

You are such a loving and beautiful child of mine. Your energy and warm love is pure and strong. Please see this for yourself and cease your constant efforts to struggle with life. You are perfect already and need not do anything but look to yourself to realize this.

The world which I created was not intended to be a place of hardship and suffering, only one of learning and fulfillment. When guidance is needed, look only inward; there you will find universal strength and wisdom. Be not afraid to step forward and realize your full potential, for I have given you many strengths. The judgments and approval you see and the fear of others are meaningless and empty. The warm glow and stillness inside of you are all the approval needed.

Go forth and share yourself with the world; and always know that I am with you to fill your being with strength, love, wisdom and guidance.

~ GOD ~

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