Letters from God – #2

Do You Know What “God” Would Say to You?

Dear Jason,

I am writing you at this time because I know you are presently involved in an intensive growth and healing period in your life. And perhaps for the first time you are including me in your life.

You’ve always known of my existence, and now it’s so good to know that you are becoming even more aware of me.

I am all that is good, and so are you. Now that you are accepting me, you will experience accelerated changes. In fact, you can have anything you want. Simply get clear on exactly what it is you want, let me know (as if I didn’t already know!), believe in me, believe in yourself and go for it, and it’s yours.

I’ll do this for anyone, and you are no exception.

I am LOVE, and I LOVE you.

~ Your Father GOD ~

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4 responses to “Letters from God – #2”

  1. I know that our Heavenly Father answers all our prayer. I know he is a loving Father. I know!!
    “As we are He was, as He is we can become” We, men and women, all are potential gods it is only a mater to follow His advise which are know as commandments.

    • Thank you, Baldo, for sharing your own understanding of our relationship with the Divine. Somehow, we are just now seeing this comment you left on this post. I apologize for that oversight. Also, you had left a comment on our most recent post about being a trustworthy man. There was a technical glitch and all the comments were delete along with the entire post! If you would like to re-post that comment we would be most appreciative.

  2. This is just so Special. When we pray we ask God for forgiveness, guidance, help. We say these things not really hearing the voice of God. And this experience helps us to see what God/ Love would say to us in response. This is truly Special and healing. Thank you again for sharing the wisdom. Love, Oksana

    • We’re so glad you appreciate this, Oksana. It was very healing for our students when they wrote these letters. They also read them aloud to the other students in the program.

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