Do You Know What Your Love Codes Are?
Part One

In 1978, my husband Paul and I started an experiment in deep, accelerated, personal evolution in our living room in Hawaii. Students gathered and something quite remarkable emerged from the complex, intertwined relationships with one another. An intricate web of unconscious relationship patterns was fully illuminated for us and we studied it, 20 hours a week over six years. We could see the invisible creative workings of the relationships of an entire community of several hundred people.

Love Codes Predict Your Relational Future


We began to observe deep, hidden, unconscious patterns as the mysterious means that determine the quality of everyone’s relationships. We observed those patterns up close and personal from every imaginable angle. We had the rare opportunity to connect the dots from a myriad of seemingly unconnected events, from hundreds of people’s lives across generations. These observations explained in profound ways how none of our relationships are coincidental or accidental. The patterns are so consistent that we call them ‘codes.’

There was something so intelligent, so loving, and so miraculous using our relationships like a classroom – a classroom in which we all learned to bring forth the best in ourselves and in each other. Meanwhile, we were also revealing and clearing the darkest shadows. Paul and I were completely absorbed and enthralled by the webs of relationship being woven, taking form before our very eyes. In earlier years, Paul and I had addressed our own unresolved issues from the past being acted out in our romantic relationship with one another. Seeing a whole community doing the exact same dance was a revelation and a glorious spectacle.

People were encouraged to be open and honest, to reveal their innermost thoughts, feelings, impulses, perceptions and opinions. Being that transparent was often difficult. We had all developed masks to hide behind. To bring our truest selves out of our private shadow life required sustained acts of courage, determination, and mutual support. We were all warriors of the heart. The lessons we learned together have rippled out into our individual and collective futures in practical and exquisitely spiritual ways.

As community leaders, we have lived at the center of four distinct transformational communities over forty years – communities populated with unique complexity: siblings, lovers, ex-lovers, business partners, marriage partners and friends, parents with their children – people from all around the world. We had been granted a special window into their hearts and minds. We listened to their secrets and because of their vulnerability, honesty, and spiritual determination, we synthesized a coherent code of soulful relationship wisdom.

And what does any of this have to do with you? It means you no longer have to suffer with seemingly insoluble conflicts because there are new answers to the enigma of relationship pain.

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