Neutralize Your Judgments

Create More Peace by
Neutralizing Your Judgments

Judging yourself  for being judgmental only deepens the problem. People like to think their judgments about others are true. They sure feel true, don't they? But when you realize you don't have the the whole truth from which to make a proper judgment, you can begin to see your judgments are half-truths at best. The human mind has a built-in tendency to judge. 


You can learn to have a healthier relationship with your judgmental mind.

Start with this realization. You will interpret other peoples' behavior to be that to which you are accustomed, whether it is or not. Your beliefs and expectations determine your perception. You can neutralize your judgments by realizing they don't mean anything. That one thing can help short circuit the automatic tendency to jump to judgmental conclusions.

Tell yourself that they 'don't mean anything' with something like this: "Although I may think all jocks are jerks, I realize that is only my judgment and it doesn't mean anything.  Just because this guy likes to play football doesn't mean he is an idiot or insensitive! That judgment doesn't mean anything.

"The truth is, these judgments don't mean anything about them or me. My mind tends to make meaningless judgments without adequate information. I observed this and let it go. My judgments pass through me like the wind through trees."

Once you get your judgments out of the way, or at least recognize they are meaningless, you are better prepared to see and hear what is true. The next time you find yourself feeling superior, defensive or wanting to punish someone, check to see if you have any judgments that may be getting in the way.

Dismiss them. Talk yourself out of them. Remember that your judgments are barriers to your peace. 

And don't judge yourself when you catch yourself being judgmental. Judging yourself for being judgmental only deepens the problem.​

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