We are starting to do live events in our new hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. Our first event is called Deep Soulful Relating: The Way of Co-Creative Love. We will engage in an exploratory conversation about "tribal enlightenment" and the possibility that Asheville is for something like this.

We're excited and eager to begin a new era in our professional life. Some of you have been following us since our early community days in Hawaii with the Empyrean Community in 1978 and then again in San Diego with Heart to Heart for twenty years, starting in the 80’s.

​In 1999, we took our teachings to the Internet and developed a global online community that was all virtual. Teleseminars, phone coaching, multimedia educational programs, all focused on creating a beautiful life grounded in enlightened partnerships.

​Now, we both feel we are at the beginning a new era, something new and a bit mysterious is emerging through us. We can hardly wait to see what it might be!

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