Pre-Coaching Questionnaire

Paul & Layne’s
Pre-Coaching Questionnaire

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  • Please read and understand the following:

    After Paul & Layne review your questionnaire they will contact you by e-mail to schedule your 30 minute preliminary conversation.

    The purpose of this conversation is to explore the possibilities and appropriateness of coaching for you with the concerns you have. Layne and Paul’s time is at a premium, so the condition for them offering this much time is that you will make a decision within three days about whether or not you want to move forward with coaching.

    You have complete choice and whatever you choose is fine with Paul and Layne. If you choose to move forward with coaching you will then have a conversation about the next step and design your coaching program together. And if you decide not to move forward with coaching, you will experience no hard feelings from Layne or Paul and you will part on friendly and respectful terms.

    Please allow 72 hours before getting a response. This time depends upon Paul and Layne’s current schedule. All information is held in the strictest confidence.

  • What is your current occupation or career? Are you retired?