What Clients and Colleagues Say About Paul and Layne

Debbie Ford Bestselling Author

. . . Paul & Layne can take you to the next level & beyond

No matter where you are in your relationships, Paul and Layne can take you to the next level and beyond. They are profound teachers of love and wisdom whose insightful distinctions reveal evolutionary ways of relating.

Barbara Marx Hubbard Founder, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

. . . Layne & Paul are Einsteins in the process & practice of conscious evolution

Layne and Paul Cutright are the Einsteins in the process and practice of conscious evolution . . . They chart a precise course for curing within ourselves the ‘common upset’, which in fact ruins our lives. They guide us skillfully in releasing any possible type of upset and moving on with your journey to realize our full potential selves.

T. Harv Eker Author of NYT Bestseller, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

. . . you are going to love these people because you will know they love you

Once in awhile you come across some people who are so special that it actually makes you feel like there are people who are sent here to help other people. They are like angels as far as I’m concerned.

They have helped thousands and thousands and thousands of individuals and couples and partnerships really understand what relationships, in any way, shape or form, are all about. They changed my life.

And I didn’t realize that there are certain skills that could dramatically affect the quality of my relationships. And learning those skills changed much of what was going on around me, not just from the romantic side and the family side, but from the business side.

You are going to love these people because you will know that they love you. Paul and Layne have been together for, what I don’t know, over thirty-five years? They are coming from an experience of having a wonderful relationship, a beautiful relationship, and a spiritual relationship. 

Raphael Cushnir Author, Setting Your Heart on Fire

. . . you can feel their giant hearts, wide open

Paul and Layne’s teachings are a rare blend of inspiration and practicality. I love their directness, clarity, depth of caring and incredible range of insight. They’ve brought together so many streams of consciousness development that it’s virtually impossible not to grow with their guidance. You can feel their giant hearts, wide open, and relax into the gentle humility of their approach. They belong on the short list of indispensible list of transformational resources.

Scott Blanchard Principal – Ken Blanchard Companies

. . . each significant relationship has seen major improvement

I came to Paul and Layne in the midst of a failing marriage, but my work has gone much beyond my relationship. I have gained such clarity and distinction on not only my relationship with my wife, but my relationship with myself.

I have learned how to let go of that which is not working and to focus on what I can offer to myself and to the world. In the past year, each significant relationship in my personal and professional life has seen major improvement. I feel like my heart and eyes have not only opened up to new possibilities but moved towards making new, incredible possibilities a reality!

Jan Stringer Bestselling Author, Coach, Business Intuitive

. . . their expertise cut through to the heart of the matter

I have been a client of Paul and Layne’s coaching in both private and group coaching. Their expertise in cutting through to the heart of the matter has provided deep healing and I have gained a sense of personal power in a whole new way.

Karen Risch Writer

. . . the most intuitive, articulate, appreciative, spiritual presence in my life

Simply the most intuitive, articulate, appreciative, thoughtful, and spiritual presence in my life … Layne always makes it safe for me to feel or say anything, and I have shared some of my scariest thoughts, deepest fears, and most desperate moments with her. I have also experienced wondrous “ahas” and the heights of exhilaration and divine connection under her care.

She is both results-oriented and in tune with the pace of progress that’s right for me. She has a delicious sense of humor and such a beautiful voice (no small thing when most of our sessions are conducted over the phone)

Michael Dowd & Connie Barlow Bestselling Authors, Conscious Evolution Activists

. . . Paul & Layne’s relationship work has been the most helpful we have found

We have found Paul and Layne’s relationship strengthening work to be the most significant and helpful we have ever encountered. In fact, their Heart to Heart Talks process has been the major tool in our relationship tool box for keeping our marriage a healthy, juicy and happy place!

Bestselling Authors & Conscious Evolutionary Activists

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I was a bit skeptical of coaching at first. But, as I learned to trust the process I ultimately learned to trust my own abilities, which translated into tremendously positive changes in my life both personally and professionally.

Personally, I am enjoying more confidence, a greater sense of well-being and peacefulness and better relationships. Professionally, I am better able to size up situations more quickly, I am a better listener and I am better able to inspire cooperation among my employees.

I found Paul Cutright to have an uncanny ability to cut through the clutter and get to the essence of what really works!

Sean Curtis
CEO Coffee Ambassador

I can’t believe I wasn’t exposed to this material sooner. It is critical learning for anyone who deals with anyone, anywhere.

Ken Abbott
Engineering Manager

Awesome, inspiring, emotional, educational, spiritual, insightful, enlightening, revealing, pivotal and humbling – to say the least!

My work with Layne and Paul has been a journey with heart and soul, a healing experience that spans from birth to death to rebirth.

I have learned to use some powerful tools in my daily life, I quit my job which was unfulfilling and uninspiring to me, and I now successfully run my own business. Every aspect of my existence has undergone a powerful evolution to embrace more heart, wisdom and spirit.

Mark Herzon
Computer Reseller

Working with Paul and Layne has taught me how to create an incredibly loving relationship with myself and my daughter. I have rid myself of a deep-seated anger that used to ‘leak out’ in inappropriate ways.

And as a by-product of this work, I have lost more than 10 pounds in my healing process, my business has been outstanding, I have a new house and incredible abundance!

And  now I’m involved in co-creating a wonderful, loving relationship with a man unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Anne Monaghan
Public Relations & Advertising Consultant

I wish they had taught this material in grammar school and carried it through to college. We’d all be much happier, more powerful adults as a result.

Ciarra Lodin
Insurance Specialist

I have attracted a wonderful man who is helping me to learn that it is truly safe to receive all of his love and affection. I am learning to co-create my partnership with him so I can see, feel and hear all of the things that I desire in our relationship. Most of all, I realize that life is a process and having the tools I learned from Paul and Layne helps me deal with the challenges as they come up.

Kathryn Taylor
Financial Planner

Tools like the Conscious Upset Resolution Exercise have helped me to focus on what is going on with me rather than the other person. I now feel empowered rather than confused and defeated after an upset.

Ken Courian
Mechanical Engineer

My husband and I are experiencing our relationship on a whole new level we never thought possible.  We are both committed to telling the truth in the moment, and we discuss what is going on (not react and fight) until we get through it. This is an amazing change for us. We don’t take this change for granted, but notice and acknowledge each other every time we are able to discuss something honestly the way we never could before.

Deborah Haygood
Executive Assistant

The coaching from Paul has profoundly changed my life. The doubling of my income was only a bonus compared to the unleashing of the creative energy that had been blocked for years. Thank you, Paul!

Larry Gapinski
Business Owner

What a potent combination! My private coaching sessions with Layne complemented and accelerated the class work I was doing at an unbelievable level. This was an incredible gift to myself, and I am grateful every day that I did!

Carey Leone
Landscape Architect

What a difference this has made at the office! Things that used to irritate me and distract me from my work now pass with minimal notice.

By going ‘off-line’ to use the tools regularly, I am able to look at my own part, understand how my own emotions and history play a role and actually deal with some of my old ’stuff’, so I have created peace for myself and my colleagues.

I am a better manager and, I think, a better person.

Bill Felt
Research & Development Manager