Emotional Renewal

Emotional Renewal

We are all energy beings that emit vibrational frequencies. These frequencies are part of what cause the Law of Attraction to work the way it does. Our emotional body is part of our energy body. And the well of relational pain stored in the body that people live with can be transformed. When you clear the emotional pain left over from the pains and traumas of childhood you can stop the unconscious process of wound re-enactment that occurs in most intimate partnerships.

Vibrational Re-Patterning

Vibrational Re-Patterning™ is an intervention for recycled emotions from the past. It is an integral part of Paul and Layne’s coaching practice. It gives people relief from relationship pain so their clients can learn from their feelings rather than avoid them. Clearing out emotional pain results in sustained emotional well-being and fosters relational maturity because you grow beyond your childhood pain, at last.

This means you have fewer and fewer upsets with others. You are no longer baffled by the emotional volatility or sudden loss of connection that has plagued your relationships before. You experience choice and wisdom instead of confusion and suffering. Relationships don’t have to be painful, they can be an oasis of wisdom, compassion and authentic trust. This means you have an option for more equanimity during difficult times.

If you are suffering with any of these complex emotional situations, Vibrational RePatterning™
is an answer to your prayers.

  1. Escalating arguments
  2. Discovery of infidelity
  3. A recent trauma or loss
  4. Communication breakdowns
  5. Competing with your partner
  6. Disappointing sexual intimacy
  7. Wanting to be close but unable to connect
  8. Upsets you can’t recover from for days or weeks

How Does Vibrational RePatterning™ Work?

Vibrational RePatterning™ techniques treat the mental, emotional and physical body at the same time. Paul and Layne will listen to your experience of the emotional pain you have been dealing with. Depending on what you say, they will use specific methods with you. All the techniques are gentle and non-intrusive.

Clients leave the session feeling calm and usually want to relax for a while after the session to integrate what they learned and experienced. It isn’t talk therapy. Paul and Layne are working primarily with your body to facilitate emotional clearing. They can facilitate distance Vibrational RePatterning™ over the phone or via private live video conferencing. Or you can come to their office if you prefer.

Sometimes an issue is too complex to handle completely in one session. They will likely give you something to do to integrate the session over the next week and ask you to return for another session if necessary. A session is 60 minutes. The fee is $225 paid upon scheduling your session. Reduced pricing available for a series of four or more sessions.

“I have been in therapy for years, and nothing really worked – and lasted – until I met Paul and Layne. Their approach is so different, and I felt so comfortable with them, that we got to the central causes of my unhappiness right away. That in itself was half the battle. They are both brilliant practitioners. It’s such a relief to be free of all the anxiety and holding myself back.”

Mindy Hamlin, Engineering Manager

Emotional Renewal work is a great place to start if your partner is not yet
ready for coaching.

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