Relationship Savvy – Succeeding in Love Multimedia Program

How would your life be different if your relationships were everything you want them to be?

Paul and Layne Cutright

Paul & Layne Cutright
Master Relationship Coaches
Bestselling Authors

Our Relationship Savvy Multimedia Program will help you . . .

  • Transform hidden self-sabotage & magnetize yourself for relationship success
  • Develop authentic,  grounded self-esteem & self-confidence
  • Program your “body/mind system” for relationship success & happiness 
  • Love yourself more & expand your ability to
    give & receive love
  • Enjoy deeper levels of sexual fulfillment & bliss

The Relationship Savvy Multimedia Program will show you how

you can create fulfilling, authentic and lasting

using the little known 
accelerated belief change techniques

we teach our clients and students

“We live in an interactive reality where we can change the world around us by changing what happens inside of us while we’re watching . . . 
that is, our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.”

Gregg Braden, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

Hi, we’re glad you’re here . . .

If you’re a person who loves learning and relationships are high on your list of values, then you’ll want to read this right now!

Maybe youre feeling a little stuck or like positive changes are not happening fast enough for you. Perhaps your relationship has hit a rough spot and it’s got you kinda worried. It could also be that things are not going as well at work as they once did. Or you could have a vague sense that something is missing, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is . . .

But, you’re not ready to give up . . . not yet. You’re still stalking the truth, confident and hopeful there has to be something out there that can get you through it sooner than later.

Well, keep reading to get the inside scoop on a dynamic, life changing program in which you will learn to apply the knowledge and skills essential for you to create a life and relationships filled with love, authentic connection and heartfelt passion.

​It all started . . .

over 35 years ago in 1976 when we were just starting to learn about the hidden truths of exceptionally successful relationships. And we were desparate to learn them and glad to know they even existed! Because learning these secrets opened up a whole new world of peace, power and passion for us.

It took a lot of time, hard work and focus to master this uncommon knowledge and skill.

All our work paid off and people began flocking to our seminars and workshops to find out how we had solved the riddle to relationship success so they could learn it, too.​

​But then . . .

in the late ’80’s we were astounded by a unique set of procedures that seemed like magic to us at the time. We saw people changing, what in our experience could take months to change, literally in minutes! And their lives, careers and relationships were transforming in record time.

What we saw was like adding rocket fuel to the methods we had been using before! And we knew we had to learn how to do this for ourselves . . . and just as importantly, for our clients and students.

We had to prove to ourselves, in our own experience, that these amazing techniques worked. We ended up paying around $9,000.00 to learn how to use and teach this magic!

We have now been using these miraculous techniques, and teaching them to others, since 1989. We consistently teach others how to live their version of “happily ever after” and the miracles have become ordinary, everyday experiences.

These phenomenal tools are now are now basic life skills for our students and clients.

​Now you can benefit from our experience

Relationship Savvy – Succeeding in Love is an online multimedia program (with all downloadable materials) that teaches these skills so you can learn them in the comfort of you own home, right on your computer!​

When you think about it . . .

  • Romantic fulfillment is about relationships
  • Family harmony is about relationships
  • Business success is about relationships
  • Spiritual connection is about relationship
  • A happy life exists in a field of caring, encouraging, mutually empowering relationships

Below is what you will receive when you order Relationship Savvy:


100 page workbook filled with exercises for deep self-discovery in Self Esteem, Relationships, Giving & Receiving and Sexuality – includes transcript of the affirmation audios

Download to your computer

8 Audios

Affirmation audios with Super Learning music for rapid, proven results in Self Esteem, Relationships, Giving & Receiving and Sexuality

Download to your computer

8 Videos

Instructional videos with Paul showing you how to use leading edge, state-of-the-art body oriented belief change procedures

Download to your computer


Comments from people who have used the
Relationship Savvy Program

Terri Levine CEO The Coaching Institute

In my many years of coaching and seeking relationship tools, nothing and no one comes close to what Paul and Layne provide. You MUST know their work!

Patricia Gray Interior Designer

I have used Relationship Savvy with phenomenal results! Wonderful things have been happening in my life that I can attribute directly to the daily practice of this program. I highly recommend the daily practice of this program for the 120 days they suggest. Just do it and watch the miraculous changes begin to take place in your life!

My partner and I received huge benefits from Paul and Layne’s Relationship Savvy Program! I was initially skeptical, but now I want all my friends and business associates to have the material in this program.

Daniel Quat

After working with Paul and Layne’s Relationship Savvy Program, my partner and I have gained the insights and tools needed to communicate more openly and honestly with one another.

Consequently, our hearts are opening to each other in a new way and we are once again building from our strengths as individuals and as a couple.

Dawn Hamilton
Virtual Assistant

The techniques I learned from the Relationship Savvy Program have taken me further than I experienced even in traditional coaching. I have experienced deep release with many issues I had felt “stuck with”.

I now feel like I am more in sync with my own evolutionary journey and have a stronger “connect” with my true, authentic self.

Rhonda James

Relationship Savvy has made my relationships closer and more real. It has helped me overcome my fears of expressing my needs. My goal is to be a great life coach and pass all this forward so others can feel what I am feeling!

Pam Nyden
Life Coach

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