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High quality communication is the bedrock foundation of any relationship and will determine its success or failure faster than anything else.
  • Fulfilling Communication ~ Truly successful, satisfying communication is a learned skill and Straight From the Heart shows you how to develop that skill
  • Best Practices ~ Acquire easy to use, proven and practical tools to transform your communication to create relationships that are an oasis of love, understanding and lasting connection
  • Build Trust ~ Stop arguments, end the silent treatment and neutralize manipulation to find understanding and forgiveness so you can cooperate, collaborate and feel closer
Debbie Ford
Bestselling Author

“Straight From the Heart teaches a powerful and practical skill that will open new dimensions of love and trust in any relationship. I want everyone in my life to have this book, it's a real treasure!”

Debbie Ford - bestselling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers & Spiritual Divorce

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Jack Canfield
Bestselling Author

“Straight From the Heart is a book you will read over and over again, getting more out of it each time. It's a practical workbook to use with any relationship you value.”

Jack Canfield - bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

In this Book and Audio, You Will Discover:


You will learn four types of communication exercises,
called Heart to Heart Talks, that will quickly elevate your relationships to new levels of safety, trust and the kind
of intimacy and connection you have longed for.


Heart to Heart Talks can help you to clear up misunderstandings more easily, heal emotional pain
and cut through vague, unclear communication
to the heart of the matter to truly be yourself 
with people you care most about.


Feel closer, safer and more connected with others while building inner strength and self-confidence. Create
strong, healthy relationships that generate
more self-acceptance and empower each
person to be true to themselves.


Make powerful requests that inspire cooperation as you communicate with more clarity and power. You will gain confidence in speaking your mind, putting forth your ideas and revealing your heart. Ask for and receive what
you want without being demanding.

Paul and Layne Cutright

About the Authors: Layne & Paul Cutright

Paul and Layne have been romantic, creative and business partners since 1977. They are authors of two books and multiple workshops and online training programs that have helped thousands of people from around the world to create lasting, successful relationships of all kinds, personal and professional. Their teachings are ultimately practical, grounded and inspired for more authentic, soulful relating.

What Relationship Experts, Bestselling Authors,
Business Leaders and Spiritual Leaders Are Saying

Here's what relationship experts, bestselling authors, business leaders and spiritual leaders are saying about Paul and Layne and their Straight From the Heart and Heart to Heart Talks.

T. Harv Eker Bestselling Author & Wealth Trainer

They are like angels . . .

“Every once in awhile you come across some people who are so special that it actually makes you feel like there are people who are sent here to help other people. Paul and Layne are like angels as far as I'm concerned.”

Gay & Katie Hendricks Relationship Experts

A wealth of resources . . .

“Whether you're working on solving a specifi problem or taking a good relationship and making it better, you'll find a wealth of resources in Paul & Layne's programs.”

Scott Blanchard Principal - Blanchard Training & 

Most impactful . . .

“Heart to Heart Talks is one of the most impactful communication technologies we've ever employed within our company.”

John Gray, Ph.D Renowned Relationship Expert

Powerful relationship tools . . .

“Paul and Layne offer powerful  relationship tools anyone can learn. ”

David Steele, MA Founder Relationship Coaching Institute

Only communication book you need . . .

“Straight From the Heart is the only communication book you will ever need.”

Tolly Burkan
Founder Firewalking Institute

A gift to us all . . .

“Obviously, Paul and Layne's wisdom comes from years of experience. Heart to Heart Talks are a gift to us all. ”

What Clients and Students Are Saying

I am deeply touched by the wonderful feelings my husband and I have had! Heart to Heart Talks has given us a whole new way of communicating."

Evelyn Fassett

Very, very powerful and useable.  What I like especially is the structure. It is solid and it's impartial."

Austin, TX

It's really helpful to have you model the process as opposed to just reading it. It just adds so much."


After doing Heart to Heart Talks for just a week, I experienced such a profound shift in my relationship. Issues which were really heavy just seemed to clear up as I started to share with my husband. We both feel as if we have fallen in love for the first time!"

Nilofer Safdar
Abu Dhabi

I like the safety of Heart to Heart Talks.  I like that both people get equal time so it's not a monolgue. And it requires both people to show up."

Chicago, IL

Heart to Heart Talks is making a big difference in my relationships already!  Your modeling of Heart to Heart Talks has really helped me to anchor this amazing skill."

Maryia Masters
Straight From the Heart eBook with Heart to Heart Talks Live Workshop Recording Will Set You on a Path to Lasting Soulful Connection with the
People You Care About Most

Includes a 1 hour long recording of a dynamic live workshop presented to
1000 participants

If you have ever wished you could find the right words to say what you mean, and to feel heard and understood by others, this book and audio program will show you how.

In the book you will learn the four kinds of Heart to Heart Talks and in the audio you will hear Paul and Layne demonstrating how to do Heart to Heart Talks to a group of 1,000 people.

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