The Mystery of the Boulders


Boulders in the Arizona Desert











In my post last week I indicated, somewhat mysteriously, that we were leaving to drive to Scottsdale to present at an exclusive private retreat, but we couldn’t tell you anything about it.

Well, we still can’t say anything about it!! We would love to tell you — but, we’re sworn to absolute secrecy, still.

What not many people know about us is that we serve, often behind the scenes, with celebrity figures who prefer to keep their identities and their affairs private. This happens to be a similar instance.

What we can let you know is that we were among a stellar group of people whom it was our privilege to coach for a day. We facilitated Heart to Heart Talks (which we teach in our new teletraining series Straight From the Heart).

We were once again thrilled at the miracle power of speaking the truth, straight from the heart. To initiate people into this transformative practice is one of the most rewarding parts of our life. To witness this simple, powerful tool healing hearts and opening minds is inspiring beyond words.

We were with these people in a beautiful Arizona desert setting called The Boulders. The Boulders is an exclusive residential resort that also features the Golden Door Spa which we enjoyed immensely! It was a magical trip for us in which we felt nourished by natural splendors and the beauty of the human spirit.

We are passionate about the commitment we live in to help transform the way the world relates — and sometimes we work too much! This was one of those instances in which we both worked hard and felt energized and uplifted by the entire experience. Our work is challenging and even after 32 years, we still love it with our whole hearts.

The picture above was taken at The Boulders.

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