Our Story

Layne & Paul

                          Layne and Paul

We met in 1976 in a beautiful Victorian house in San Francisco, which served as a center for healing and spiritual studies. We both volunteered in the office and had known each other in a casual way for about three months when something remarkable happened.

Let us set the scene for you . . .

A team of volunteers had been gathered to put out a big mailing. Layne and a group of eight others were seated around a large table, laughing and chatting as they set up the assembly line. Paul walked through the door and his eyes began to sweep the room. His gaze connected with Layne's just at the moment she looked up.​

Instantly it was as though a giant switch had been turned on and a surge of energy was ignited between us. We felt powerless to look away as our bodies started pulsing with the energy. We were locked in a timeless moment that would change our lives forever.

Something sacred and beautiful was being touched, though we did not know what. Everyone else in the room seemed to fade away. All that existed for us was the corridor of light that joined us in a feeling of unspeakable love and recognition. It was as a moment of magic and mystery, and then it was over as suddenly as it had begun. It was as if some great hand turned off the switch and we both fell back into normal reality with a thunk! Everyone in the room was staring at us.

A feeling of self-conscious embarrassment followed for both of us as Paul took a seat next to Layne at the table. We both tried to collect ourselves even though we were still reeling from the experience. We looked deeply into one another's eyes. The same question was blazing in both our minds, "What was that and what does it mean?"

That moment signified the beginning of our romantic adventure. Young though we were, we had both had enough experiences of good love gone bad to realize that our love would wither and die if we didn't do things a lot differently than we had in our previous relationships. Rather than thinking we knew what it would take to have our love grow and last, we acknowledged that we DID NOT know.

So, with an attitude of wonder, armed with the strength of our love, we set about our relationship as an experiment.

​What we share here on our web site are the things we have learned that have kept our love and relationships vital and growing for over thirty-five years. It is material we have tested with others in workshops and intensive, six month programs that has proven to work for others, as well. It has been codified in our books and multimedia training programs available on our site.

Our relationship is very complex and very close. We are best friends, lovers, marriage and business partners, teaching colleagues and creative collaborators. Our life and relationship together has not always been easy or predictable. Frankly, there have been times when we wondered if we were going to make it. But, our love has endured, grown stronger and matured.

"So, with an attitude of wonder, armed with the strength of our love, we set about our relationship as an experiment."

We have grown up together and we have been true to our original purpose to bring out the best in one another. The relationship we have created is beyond anything we could have imagined back on that fateful day when our souls recognized one another. For us, the experiment has been and continues to be a triumphant success.

It would be enough if the love we shared was ours alone to keep, but we have been blessed with abundant opportunities to share the secrets we have discovered with others. We have had the privilege of traveling and teaching all over the world - throughout North America, Japan, Russia, Central America and the Middle East.

Now we are fortunate to be able to reach even more people in more places through the power of technology, the Internet and the World Wide Web.

We invite you to step onto this path of discovery, personal power and spiritual development with us and hope that what you learn here will serve you in having more of what you truly want, and deserve, in all your relationships.

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