Success Stories

Client and Student Success Stories

Dennis DuRoff Business Strategist, Coach

. . . training with Paul & Layne changed my life

​I don’t know how to say it any other way . . . training with Paul and Layne changed my life. I expected to learn rock solid strategies on how to be a high quality coach and learn solid techniques that would open new possibilities for my career and my life. Working with them exceeded my expectations. I also learned how to tell the truth with compassion.

I came to understand dignity and a balanced love of self. I learned to bring ‘all of me’ to my work and to trust my ‘inner knowing’. I learned how to build and maintain relationships (both professional and personal) that are the great joy of my life.

In my personal and professional journey, I have been fortunate enough to experience four or five people who have made a life changing impact on the way I live; teachers and trainers who have truly made a difference. Paul and Layne are at the top of that list.

Dennis & Diane Jennings Relationship Coaches, Trainers

. . . Paul & Layne gave us hope for a conscious, successful relationship

One of our most amazing experiences was meeting Paul and Layne in 1980 and taking their Six Month Intensive Personal Evolution Program. We met for the very first time in the program. Both of us were there to heal our pasts and get ready for an amazing relationship. Little did we realize at the time that we would become life partners, in marriage and in business. To say we got our money’s worth from the program is an understatement!!

Paul and Layne gave us hope that it was possible to have a successful, conscious relationship because they lived what they taught. We attribute our success in our personal relationship to Paul and Layne’s teaching skill, the invaluable tools we learned and the unconditional love and support we received during our program. We began our relationship with a strong foundation.

Our success in business was grounded by the principles we learned from Paul and Layne and from the excellent model they created that has allowed so many to achieve breakthroughs in their lives. We are inspired by their commitment to excellence, for their innovation in creating new trainings, and for living their passion that supports others in living their dreams.

Robert Mott Graphic Designer, Composer, Musician

. . . the most personally tailored coaching I have ever experienced

Working with Layne has been one of the best investments of my time — EVER! As a teacher and coach, Layne embodies a unique combination of decades of professional experience with a curiosity and respect for the sacred and divine in each of us.

​For me, this has created the most personally-tailored coaching I have ever experienced, making our sessions together always insightful, often educational and more than worth the investment of my time and money.

​With her loving guidance I have been able to unravel decades of self-sabotaging patterns of behavior in a few short months, and begun to weave a strong and beautiful new foundation of beliefs and actions that will undoubtedly affect all my relationships and life decisions in powerful and positive ways from this moment forward.

​She doesn’t impose her views, but offers me options that can lead to a greater sense of self and soul. What an amazing blessing she is to me and to so many others who’ve decided to accept her gift of love and wisdom.

I’ve worked with a number of coaches and have used many personal development systems in the last 15 years, and no one else holds a candle to the Cutright’s work!

Paul Standal, PhD., MFT Psychotherapist

. . . it is rare to find such gifted teachers

​I participated in Paul and Layne’s Intensive Personal Evolution Program and Teacher Training in 1978-79 in Hawaii. That year with Paul and Layne remains among the most outstanding life changing experiences of my life, both personally and professionally.

As a psychotherapist for the last 30 years, I find it is rare to find and work with such gifted teachers who foster in others, as well as myself, such a deep sense of empowerment and self esteem.

They are truly consciousness pioneers, constantly exploring the deepest regions of expanding human potential. I would encourage any willing seeker of personal growth and development to explore the teachings and work of Paul and Layne Cutright.

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Ardyth Brock Coach, Corporate Trainer

. . . they have continued to mentor me through the years

​​I began my career studying with Paul & Layne in 1977! Not only did Paul and Layne train me to be an accomplished Coach/ Counselor/Trainer, but they have also continued to mentor me with new distinctions and skills over the years.

Paul and Layne never stop learning. They are visionaries with an insatiable curiosity to seek out the latest and most effective tools for relationship success. Through my training with the Cutrights, I’ve acquired a strong foundation in communication skills, conflict resolution, Breathwork, Energy Psychology, business, sales and marketing strategies, and much more.

In addition, the value I’ve gained applying the benefits of my training throughout my personal life has been priceless. I have found my way to true personal contentment, regardless of most outside circumstances. I have used the tools I’ve learned to heal and harmonize most all of my personal and family relationships.

I consider myself a truly fortunate person and attribute much of my personal success and fulfillment to the teachings of Paul and Layne Cutright. In my opinion, they are two of the finest educators and mentors of our time.

Pamela Ney-Noyes LifeCoach, Trainer

. . . as coaches they are brilliant & sincere, as teachers they are wise & masterful

​In a lifetime there are a few people that come along and alter one’s experience of themselves and the world forever. Paul and Layne have been two such people for me, and many others I know.

The way I saw myself, relationships, spirituality and the healing process changed radically when I met Paul and Layne.

Through their teachings I learned a new way of viewing problems and issues, finding the true root causations of negative and destructive patterns. 

I found my true self, my career and the way to fulfill my life purpose.

As coaches they are brilliant and sincere. As teachers they are wise and masterful. As people they are loving and committed to bringing out the very best and highest in their students. As a couple they demonstrate and live their ideals and practice their teachings.

They have taught me how to integrate spiritual principles into everyday life and relationships. I am thrilled to say that with the help of Layne and Paul I have a happy life, a wonderful relationship with my husband and a deeply rich and satisfying career.

Scott Mooney Professional Illustrator

. . . I had a breakthrough in the lifelong tension in my relationship with my mom

I feel very privileged and grateful to have Paul as my coach. Even though Paul and Layne specialize in relationships coaching, Paul is also my excellent life coach and business coach, which makes sense now that I see that everything we do in life is made of relationships.

I felt really good about Paul right from the beginning of our coaching relationship. In the time that we’ve worked together he has kept me moving forward and growing like no other coach or mentor I’ve had before. I’m learning that a big breakthrough is made of many little breakthroughs and the fact that I get to meet with him almost every week keeps those little breakthroughs coming in a steady flow. Since working with Paul I’ve had a breakthrough in my illustration business, my relationships with my wife, my friends, my mom, and discovered a new talent and passion!

Also, Paul is a very accepting person. This makes it very easy to speak openly with him and this way we can really get to the core of the matter more quickly and deal with it effectively.

The biggest breakthrough Paul has brought to me is my discovery of a passion and talent for EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Paul is an EFT master. We’ve used EFT many times in our sessions. In one 10-15 minute session we created a breakthrough in the lifelong tension in my relationship with my mom.

She was in the house at the time. When I got off the phone with Paul and rejoined my mom in the kitchen the tension was totally gone, and it’s been gone ever since, for at least three months now.

I first learned of EFT from Paul before I ever met him by listening to a recorded presentation he did at a wealth seminar. I’ve taken Paul’s 5 day home study crash course on EFT, have learned from observing him doing EFT with me, and have moved on to studying it even further. The healings I’ve facilitated with it are nothing short of astounding. I’m really pumped about having this new ability to help people in a very direct and immediate way!”

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