Surfing the Waves of Change

We were ready
for a new way of working.

The question was how. We were living in this question with no clear answer. In other words we had again jumped into the void with only our spiritual guidance as a safety net.

Have you been there before? We imagine you have. It seems no matter how practiced any of us get at trusting the process of change and evolution there can still be the occasional sense of trepidation and second guessing.

There is a metaphor that has served us well. Picture yourself as a trapeze artist swinging from one bar to another. There is a point in time where you aren’t holding onto anything. You are mid flight for awhile before you can grasp the bar before you.

Releasing and Letting Go Into the Future

Releasing and Letting Go Into the Future

You may have done it thousands and thousands of times and you’ve learned to trust the bar will always be there for you. Then, let’s pretend a thick fog comes in and you can’t see the bar. There are a few clues that it should be there, some familiar sounds perhaps, but you can’t see it.

It’s leap of faith time. A lot of people are going through this now with the challenges of the economy crisis, changing jobs, reorganizing domestic life to deal with all the rapid social changes, moving to a new city. People are having to feel into an unknown future for themselves, their families and the world.

In so many ways we are all trying to find a new and stable ground. Change, change and more change. Where do we put our trust when we don’t have the usual signals that predictability provides?

Tuning in to the Guidance of Spirit

Tuning in to the Guidance of Spirit

For us, it has been to calm our fears and tune into to the voice of Spirit. There is a homing beacon that can guide any of us, if or when the fog starts drifting in. Quieting the fearful mind is a skill set and we were well practiced. If we could allow our minds to relax and recall all the times life had turned out for us, even when we didn’t know how, it helped.

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Learning to adapt and go with a new flow is part of the journey. Although, sometimes the space and time between completions and new beginnings can be maddening.

Before there was a clear path and purposeful things to do, now there is this peculiar “slowness.” So, what are we to do without that focus to fill up our days? What is there to do, when there isn’t much to do?

Waiting and worrying just hurts. So, the best use of our time was to love. There are always new ways to choose love and frequently love is a choice. Many people wait for love “happen to” them. But, choosing to feel the presence of love, even in times of uncertainty, seems like a pretty good way to pass the time.

Some days were easier than others . . . and then, at last, the new beginning, began. The waiting was over and we were off on a new and exiting adventure!

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