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How to Share Power in a Relationship

The evolutionary edge for humanity is sharing power. As a species we are gradually moving from using our power in self-centered adversarial ways to sharing our collective power for the mutual benefit of everyone concerned. We are shifting from a paradigm characterized by me or them to me and them. We are just beginning to […]

Effective Listening for Better Relationships – Part One

Communication Requires One Person to Talk and Equally Important, the Other to Listen Listening is the other half of communication. Our first thought, when we think about communication, may be to consider the speaker’s ability to convey ideas effectively. What we often forget is that without a listener the speaker may as well be talking […]

Crazy Making Communication #@%&*!!

Has anything like this ever happened to you in any of your relationships? A Simple Misunderstanding Kevin had what he thought was a mild misunderstanding with Melissa over a missed appointment. It seemed like the issue had been resolved with an acknowledgment of no fault miscommunication and an apology from Kevin. But, Kevin didn’t feel […]